Stones Superior Homes - Advantages
to choose Prestige Homes & Stones Superior Homes:

1. A Solid Reputation: Four Decades of Fulfilling Dreams
Stones Superior Homes is a strong local business led by a family that is well-known in the community. Prestige Homes has built over 13,000 homes and is a prominent builder in the Maritimes. We’re proud to have been building homes together for families in NS for 38 years.

2. Customer Satisfaction: A Continuous Pursuit of Excellence
Customers Service has, and continues to be, our top priority in business... we learned a long time ago, “take care of your customer and they will take care of you”.

3. Quality Homes and Great Value
We build a well-crafted home through precision engineering, strict adherence to building codes, an emphasis on energy efficiency, and the use of quality materials. Our trained team delivers on design advice, project management and a strong focus on customer service.

4. Display Home Court & Design Studio
Our services include a full team of Home Building Specialists and a dedicated Project Manager working out of our Display Home Court and Design Studio to maximize convenience and value.

5. Homes Built 12 Months A Year
Our factory builds each home indoors in a climate-controlled environment, maximizing on standard operating procedures, precise construction techniques, and excellent quality materials – all while keeping your home dry and free from the outside elements.

6. 100% Zero-Cost Overrun - Guaranteed
Our team of Home Building Specialists are knowledgeable, well-trained, and have all the tools at hand to stay within budget and accurately price your home... right to the last penny… and we guarantee it!!

7. Protection: 1 Year Prestige & 7 Year Atlantic New Home Warranties
Our after-sales support and excellent warranty program is another example of how we stand behind our work and our overall commitment to providing "Outstanding Customer Service".