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The cure for boring doors

Curb appeal is the housing version of a handshake or a good outfit in many ways, it can tell others a lot about you, your tastes and how tidy or untidy you may be.
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Civic number updating and DIY

A civic number is so much more than a way to identify a home, in a way you could say it’s a first impression or a handshake. Along with the decor and aesthetic of the outside of your home, it can also share a little bit of personality as well.
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Easy DIY countertop

As styles and tastes change over the decades it can be pretty easy for the decor in your home to go out of style or for homeowners to seek something different. As you start to change up your home it can be important to keep in mind how the renovation or decoration will age over the years, unless you’re into remodeling every couple of years.
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Holiday inspiration

A quick introduction,
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Top 10 Thrift Store Items to Snag (Before I Do!)

A good thrift store shop is a cure for so many things.
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What Is A Turnkey Package?

Building a home is full of decisions. When it comes down to your dream quartz countertops or your partner's dream butcher block island, though we'll do our best to help, we aren't always able to make the decision easier...That's why we try to simplify the process where we can, like in our pricing.
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DIY Napkins using Fabric Medium and Acrylic Paint

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DIY For Hosting Your Own Galentine's Day

You're probably wondering if Galentine's Day is something I made up - I wish! And yes, it's a real thing. Well, not officially, but it does exist.

Galentine's Day is a relatively new concept, featured on an episode ofParks and Recreation  in 2010. Galentine's Day takes place on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day to celebrate in your closest girlfriends (usually females friends, but hey, it's not official so you can do whatever you like!).

The layout in our home has the eating area and the kitchen co-located, so the preparation and cooking happens while socializing and catching up - so I'm halfway there for a fun meal with my gals.

Think you don't have time? Surprise the ladies in your life with an invite to your very own Galentine's event - here's a few tips to simply introduce a fun Galentine's themed event into the next month!

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Transitioning out the Christmas décor


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A-door-able DIY Christmas Tree

Knock knock? Who's there? Oh, just this adorable tree made from an old door!
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Affordable window Christmas decor using fresh pine


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DIY Iron-on patches: The easiest craft you'll ever do!


When I say iron-on patches, your mind might time travel to a few decades ago where embroidered patches on jeans or jean jackets were all the rage. Guess what? Patches are back (or maybe never left!).

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It’s never too early to talk about Christmas cross stitching



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To Paint Or Not To Paint

Sometimes we’re fortunate to find a great piece of furniture or even inherit a special piece, and if we’re lucky, we love it as is. Other times, the piece may need some work, or may not fit the design of your space.

For us, we love the modern aesthetic of our home, and I work hard to ensure that the pieces we bring in complements our modern layout and elements.

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Rainy day activity: Introducing quilling

Though we love that sunshine in the summer time, it's good to prepare some activities to beat the boredom on those rainy, wet summer days. A great cure for boredom? A new craft!

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Tis' The Season For Yard Sales

Spring cleaning usually leads to something glorious: Yard Sales!

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Clean Start: 5 Surprising Benefits of a Clean Home

An untidy house can just kind of creep up on you. Random socks are strewn in strange rooms. Nothing seems to be where it belongs. And where is that hint of a stale odour emanating from? Yes, our homes are a mess! But fear not, for cleaning needn’t be an aggravating chore, but can be a chance to freshen our homes and ourselves. In fact, having a little spruce can be a regenerating, rejuvenating, realigning experience with benefits that range from the obvious to the somewhat surprising. Read on to learn 5 benefits of a clean home.

Read the blog post: Tips to Spruce up Your Yard

Benefit 1: It’s good for your health

We have all by now at least heard of Marie Kondo and the philosophies she shared in her bestselling book, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up and in her wildly popular Netflix series, Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. There is a reason Marie’s message has struck such a chord with so many people – it is a message grounded in truth. Whether you are a neat freak who loves nothing more than giving a room a quick spritz, or a clean-o-phobe for whom the very sight of a mop and bucket sends you into a cold sweat, it cannot be denied: A clean and tidy living space is a lot healthier than a dingy domicile.

In fact, considering cleaning as an act of self-care, rather than a boring chore, is a great way to approach the process. Set aside a weekend (or two), get your family members involved, crank some tunes, and have a fun, liberating experience!

The act of cleaning itself is a repetitive task that gives your brain something simple to focus on and your mind a break from the daily bombardment of work, life, and social media. Sometimes, so-called mindless tasks are exactly what your brain needs in order to de-stress and refresh. In fact, studies show that as little as 20 minutes of housework can reduce stress and anxiety by as much as 20 percent. 

It comes down to mindfulness. In today’s busy, technology-driven world, we so rarely take the time to slow down and focus on something straightforward. We are always looking for the next notification to check while rushing to the next appointment, or scratching off the next note on our never-ending to-do lists. When we focus on simple, repetitive tasks, we bring ourselves back into the momentmaking the act of cleaning less mindless and more mindful.

And if you think it’s just your mind that’s getting a once over – not so! Your heart stands to benefit, too. Low-intensity exercise, like housework, increases your heart rate and gives you a decent little workout. In fact, just 30 minutes of the kind of light exercise involved in tasks such as vacuuming, mopping, and scrubbing floors can decrease your risk of heart disease by over 20 percentNot convinced? Next time you find yourself scrubbing that bathtub, notice your elevated heart rate, heavy breathing, and, is that a bead or two of sweat forming on your forehead?! That’s not housework, it’s a houseworkout!

Benefit 2: It’s really good for your health!
So, you rolled up your sleeves, pulled on those Marigolds, and got in several hours of muscle-strengthening, heart health-supporting, mindfulness-enhancing scrubbing. That’s where the health benefits end – right? Nope – not nearly! The health-giving advantages of cleaning extend well beyond the mopping and dusting itself.

Let’s be honest: The only time fresh air got into your home during those long winter months was for the split second it took you to walk in through the door at night, and even then you were pushing with all your might to keep that cold, frosty air on the outside of your home! So, yeah, it may be time to crack open a few windows and let that place air out a little.

Here’s something that might surprise (and possibly disgust) you: According to scientists, the air inside your home is often more polluted than the air outside your home. In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency says the top five air quality problems in the U.S. are all indoor air problems. Pollutants commonly found inside the home include VOCs (volatile organic compounds), pesticides, viruses, and bacteria. They lurk in places like plant pots, rugs, carpets, and fabrics.

Furthermore, moisture in the home can be responsible for the three malicious m’s: mold, mildew and dust mites, all of which can contribute to asthma and allergies. High indoor humidity can also lead to the release of toxins from furniture or cleaning products, as well as creating an uncomfortable cold and clammy feeling in the home. Consider chemical-free or natural cleaning products and a dehumidifier if your home has that damp, muggy feel.

As you can see, beyond all the psychological benefits, there are big advantages to be gained by a good house cleaning to protect your physical health and wellbeing.

Did you know..?
Your appliances are healthier when they are cleaner, too! Dust and dirt build-up are an appliance’s worst enemies, leading to issues requiring repair or replacement, and reducing their lifespan. Be sure to include appliances in your cleaning plans to save yourself an inconvenience and money down the road.

Benefit 3: Declutter – your home, and your head!
“The things you own, end up owning you.” – Tyler Durden, Fight Club

Tyler Durden may have been the imaginary friend of a fictional character, with some very questionable philosophies about life but, oh boy, did he have this one right!

Firstly, physical clutter. Trinkets and knickknacks, whatnots and bric-a-brac. The things you just had to have that you soon don’t even know where to find. It’s easy to fall prey to the lure of the latest gadget or gear, and sometimes hard to let go when that object of your former affections loses its appeal. Many of us will have that spare room, basement or garage where it’s easy to throw things and just forget about them. Every single one of us has a drawer or cabinet in our home filled with utter junk!*

*Not proven by science. But we bet it easily could be!

There comes a point where this physical clutter just gets in the way. Maybe the in-laws are coming in for the weekend, but that spare room couldn’t accommodate a small rodent, let alone a couple of fully grown humans. Perhaps you want to bring the car inside, or use your garage or basement as a rec room space, except the thought of clearing out the junk it houses fills you with dread. It’s time to declutter your space and open up new possibilities with your home.

Next, there’s the mental clutter. Most people these days seem to agree that true fulfillment can’t be attained through amassing material possessions, yet we still live in a society where more seems to be more. Lawn decorations, patio furniture, ATVs, cars – heck, even cottages, cabins or summer homes. Sure, things can be nice to have, but there is always a limit.

What’s more, the relative ease of being granted credit these days can cause people to overextend. Suddenly, all those material possessions and the associated monthly payments really start to add up and it becomes a real slog just to cover the bills.

Psychologically, all those things that were supposed to bring you joy are in fact sucking the pleasure out of life and hanging like a particularly plump albatross around your neck. Material possessions, in short, can make you miserable.

Purge, polish and purify! You may find that a decluttered home and mind will lead to a more habitable living space and a more fulfilling life.

Read the blog post: Downsizing Purge - What Not to Get Rid Of

Benefit 4: You’ll be move-ready when you want to leave
Have you ever moved house? Most of us have at least one time in our lives. Did you enjoy it? Most of us would say no. Quite apart from the emotional toil (moving is considered among the top most stressful life events, right up there with bereavement and divorce) moving house can involve physical strain and creates extra red tape for you to untangle.

Probably best, then, not to add to the upheaval. If you have lived in your home awhile and are now considering a move, you’ll be a whole lot happier if you’ve spent the preceding years keeping on top of the kipple*. 

If you have a garage full of garbage or a spare room packed with odds and ends, take a moment to consider the work involved in not only sorting through that little lot but then adding a move on top of it. Oftentimes, people will give in, pack all the junk into a load more boxes, and carry their burdensome junk on with them to the next place.

Ultimately, every big task becomes easier when broken down into smaller, more manageable chunks, and this is certainly true of cleaning, purging, and sorting. Doing it on the regular will help keep down that kipple, making moving a (relative) breeze.

*Kipple is what legendary sci-fi author Philip K. Dick called the sinister little pieces of junk and rubbish that would gradually build up in a dwelling over time. Eventually, without human intervention, Dick speculated that the whole world would one-day fall victim to a state of complete kipplization!

Benefit 5: You’ll be happier in the meantime!
But wait! What if we’re not ready to move yet? Perhaps we’re a year or two away from securing financing. Maybe we can’t downsize till the youngest flies the nest (and who knows when that might be?!) Does that make it okay to amass copious amounts of rubbish and bask in the questionable odour of our uncleaned abode?

Sorry, afraid not. Staying ahead of the cleaning and on top of the clutter is about much more than just being able to make a quick escape when the stars align and you’re ready to move on to that new home. It’s about big things like your health and happiness.

The act of cleaning can improve your mood. Even if you don’t buy into the therapeutic mindfulness that can be mined from the process itself, most would agree that the feeling of having gotten it done is pretty great. There’s nothing quite like finishing that last stroke of a cloth or sweep of a brush, then standing back to admire the gleaming, airy rewards of your sweat and elbow grease. In fact, coupled with the fresh smell, the experience boosts endorphin production in your brain and ups your energy levels. Longer-term, having a clean home has been proven to benefit mental health and reduce the risk of depression. Talk about a clean start!

That really is only the beginning, though. Studies support the adage that good habits beget good habits. One U.S. study measured the effects of an orderly room versus a disorderly room on participants’  food choices and charitability. Those in the tidier, more organized space tended to go for healthier snacks than those in the messy space, while monetary donations were higher among those in the neat environment. It was suggested, however, that creativity increased in the disorderly space. (Just don’t tell your bass-playing teenage nephew!)

In summary, the majority of people (pubescent would-be songwriters with questionable hygiene aside) benefit greatly from a bit of house cleaning. So, toss that kipple. Buff those tabletops. Breathe in the just-cleaned aroma and let the endorphins flow! And don’t limit the cleaning to your home – use your reinvigorated space as inspiration to start a new workout routine (now, you’ll have room for it!

DIY's On The Deck With Nicole

It's finally summer! Well, the first day of summer wasn't the most pleasant weather, but it helps the grass and flowers grow, right? 

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Top 7 Questions About Modular Homes Answered

When it comes to modular homes you’re probably picturing your great aunt’s mobile home from the 1970s. Well not anymore! Modular homes have come a long way and more and more homeowners are choosing to build modular as opposed to traditional “site-built” homes. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions when it comes to modular homes. People tend to think they aren’t as nice as site-built homes but in reality, that’s not the case. Additionally, they’re generally more economical, ecologically friendly, and a more responsible way to build. So when you’re considering a new home, it’s important to know all the facts before making a final decision.  

As a modular home builder, we get asked a ton of questions - which is a good thing. The more questions we get asked the more informed people will be. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of the top 7 questions people have when it comes to modular homes.

1. Can I customize it?
That depends. Almost everything about a Prestige modular home is customizable, but not all modular builders are quite as flexible so if you're considering other builders, it's important to ask how much or little you can change (and be sure to ask how much it costs to make changes). With Prestige Homes, there is not customization charges on our designs (except on Q-Value). Our customers can choose from a wide range of current floor plans to change or start from zero and design your own. You get to choose all of the interior finishes, such as flooring, cabinets, countertops, sinks, tubs, faucets, light fixtures, windows, doors, etc., giving it your own personal touch. The exterior is also completely customizable, move windows and doors, change the roof lines, add dormers… the list is endless. Once the project is complete, it will not only reflect your personality and sense of style, it will feel like HOME!

Find out what's included in all our homes at Prestige:

2. How long does it take to build?
This can vary by manufacturer and time of year. Once it’s on-site there will be some work required to repair drywall, hook up the plumbing and electrical, close in the roof, install siding on the gable ends, finish the basement (if needed), and do some final touch-ups. The timeline depends on the size of the project and the amount of work needed until completely finished and you can move in. The great thing about modular homes is they’re built indoors so everything is protected from the weather and can be built all year-round, without delays. 

3. Can I do some of the work?
Many homeowners want to get their hands dirty during the construction process. One of the biggest benefits of building modular is that your home arrives on site 90% to 95% complete. That does leave some work left for you to do if you choose.  It’s important to discuss your wishes early in the planning process with your sales consultant and project manager and let them know what work you want to do. Of course, any work that you do on your own will be your responsibility should something go wrong in the future. That being said, we absolutely recommend plumbing and electrical connections and any structural components should always be done by qualified professionals. When possible, discuss timelines, access, and outline the factory prep required for the completion of any on-site finishes you want to do yourself. Also, check with your bank to make sure the work you want to do won’t affect your financing/mortgage.

4. Does it come with warranty? 
Most modular homes come with a 1-year whole home warranty and in Atlantic Canada most also offer a 7 or 10-year structural warranty through Atlantic New Home Warranty and/or LUX New Home Warranty. However, every company is different and it’s important for you to ask them upfront. Prestige modular homes come with a 7-year new home structural warranty but can be upgraded to 10 years for an additional fee. We also provide a full 1-year warranty for the first year when a new homeowner takes possession, so we can address any and all issues that may arise during that time. Individual product warranties, like siding, fixtures, roofing, etc., will be transferred to the homeowner and some products come with 10, 15, 25-year, or lifetime warranties. Prestige Homes provides each homeowner with a binder that has all the products that were used in the finishing of the home with each manufacture’s contact number should there be any issues down the road. 

5. What are the insulation R-Values? 
Prestige modular homes come with R52 blown in insulation in the attic, and the walls have R20 batt insulation plus R5 rigid foam around the entire perimeter, creating a total of R25 on all walls as well as an important thermal break that batt insulation alone can't provide. Prestige mini homes have an R50 blown in insulation in the attic, R31 batt insulation in the floor, and the walls have the same R20 batt insulation with R5 rigid around the entire perimeter, again creating a thermal break. It’s always a good idea to check with your home builder to see what they use for insulation as it could be different. 

6. How are pests kept from getting underneath mini homes?
Mini homes are typically fully insulated in the floor and have a heavy, tear-resistant material applied underneath. Additionally, all openings are spray foam sealed to prevent heat loss and critters from getting in. 

7. Can I put it on a slab? 
Not directly. Since modular homes are built in a controlled environment inside a factory, a flooring structure is required for transporting each module. Since plumbing has to be hooked up once the home is on site, there needs to be enough space for tradesmen to access. This is why it can’t sit directly on a slab. If you don’t want a full basement you can choose to go with a frost wall, or piers and blocking for mini homes. Keep in mind though that the price difference between a full basement and frost wall won’t be much, and resale value/ease of selling is increased with a full basement. 

Hopefully, this gives you a bit more insight on what modular homes are and whether or not one would be right for you. Just be sure to do your research and find the right builder to suit your needs. Every modular builder is different so make sure you are getting what you expect. Ask lots of questions and when you're comparing your options, consider everything you're getting - not just the bottom line.

Are there any other questions you have about modular or mini homes?
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From Trash to Fab With Nicole

I did it again. I found something destined for trash/recycling and gave it new life. I was out for a drive during spring clean-up with a friend when I spotted this gem. I slammed on the brakes and said: "I think I need that piece of garbage!". I backed up and grabbed it - in its rusty glory, a former metal stand, likely used in a bathroom for towel storage or another purpose. 

This ultimate before-project sat on my deck for a few weeks, before I got tired of looking at it. 

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DIY Barn Board with Nicole

If you've read my previous posts, I've shared that we were fortunate to purchase one of the show homes off of the lot at Stone's, in fact, a lot of you actually probably were in our house before we even saw it!

I loved that it meant that our home already had beautiful and coordinating colors - all I had to do was move in and decorate!

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Tips To Spruce Up Your Yard For Spring

Now that winter is finally done, it’s time to get back outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures and the sound of the chirping birds. But first, you need to clean up the mess left behind from all the harsh conditions that come with winter. Not only will it improve the curb appeal of your home, it can give you and your family something to do together and can also be a form of exercise. It also can increase the value of your property and the number of potential buyers. The main goal though is to get your yard looking nice and fresh by the time summer comes so that you and your family can enjoy it. 

So, get your gloves on, put your earbuds in, and get to work! To make it a little easier for you we’ve come up with some tips to help you get started:

1. Clean it up
You know how you do a “Spring cleaning” inside your home? Well, it’s just as important to do it outside as well. Weeding out your gardens will not only help your plants grow better but it will also make your home stand-out. Rake up any dead leaves and twigs and cut down any branches that may have broken off to prevent them from falling and possibly causing damage. Prune bushes and shrubs to make them more shapely and to encourage new growth. Use your hose and spray down your patio furniture, decking, walkways, and siding to really make your home shine.

Check out these tips on pruning trees and shrubs

2. Re-seed bare patches
Give your lawn a new life by re-seeding any bare or dead patches that didn’t make it through the winter months. Start off by loosening the ground with a rake to remove any debris, this will help the new seed to penetrate properly. Then spread a mixture of seed and compost or fertilizer to give it a boost and be sure to keep it watered as needed. This will help bring your lawn back up to par and lusciously green. 

3. Fix fences
Do a walk-about along your property and check to make sure your fences and/or any other structures you might own haven’t been damaged. Fix or replace any broken materials and give it a fresh coat of paint or stain to give it a newer look. Same goes for your decking. Staining it won’t only improve its appearance, it can also improve the longevity of your deck by protecting the wood. 

4. Re-mulch your gardens
A quick and easy way to spruce up your landscape and your gardens is to add a fresh layer of mulch. It will help make your yard pop and helps your flowerbeds fight off pesky weeds. Apply a 2 – to – 3-inch layer around the base of plants, shrubs, and trees to give your yard a fresh new look. You can also add a bit of fertilizer in the mixture to help increase the growth of your plants.

5. Get planting
Shrubs and trees aren’t the only way you can add life to your landscape. Add some color by planting flowers such as geraniums, petunias, and pansies, which are all very easy to maintain. Plant them in pots and scatter them around your decks or plant a few in your flower beds. Try to pick colors that enhance your home's features and style. This will help make your house POP from the street and stand out from others in your neighborhood. 

6. Add furniture
Adding some patio furniture can help make your home look more inviting and can create cozy little nooks for you and your family to enjoy. A pair of chairs to share your morning coffee, a table and chairs to host your guests on a summers evening, or lanterns strewn around your property will visually impact the look of your property and make your guest feel more welcoming. Also, potential buyers will better be able to picture themselves relaxing on the deck if it’s nicely furnished and has a welcoming impression.

7. Lighting
By adding lighting to your landscape you can set moods, add drama and enhance your home’s architectural features. Pot lights around the perimeter of your roof, stake lighting along pathways, spotlights shining on certain features are easy ways you can bring your landscaping to life and you can enjoy the space longer without being in the dark.

8. Freshen up the driveway
Don’t forget to give your driveway some love! If your driveway is paved use a push broom to clear off rocks, dirt, and debris left behind from your vehicle’s tires and give it a good wash using a garden hose or a pressure washer if you have one. Consider re-sealing the driveway to really make it look fresh and new.

Check out this “how to” for tips on re-sealing your driveway

9. Clean your windows
Dirty windows not only affect the view from inside out but also can make a difference in how the home looks from the street. Also, cleaning around all of the trim and sills where dirt and debris can gather can help with the longevity and operation of the windows. 

Now that we’ve given you some ideas we hope it inspires you and your family to get started on the perfect oasis to hang out in during the summer months (or to help you get your home sold faster and for more money). And don’t stop there! These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless, and it doesn’t have to be a lot of work… some say gardening can even be relaxing. So, get outside and get moving because the sooner you get it done the longer you can enjoy it.
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Knock, Knock? Who's There? It's Nicole's Pink Door!

I did it. I thought about it forever, then one sunny Friday I said I'm doing it. I'm painting our front door pink.
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The ABC's of Creating an Alphabet Wall With Nicole

Are you ready for the adorableness of this project? It's a beautiful alphabet wall!
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DIY The Perfect Easter Wreath With Nicole

Spring is the perfect time to freshen up your decor and say goodbye to winter!
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DIY With Nicole: Another Day Another Headboard

With the recent trend of tidying up and purging unwanted goods, there’s one place I don’t touch: my fabric stash. Sometimes you see the right fabric, but you don’t know how you’ll use it, but when the right project comes along, you’ll be glad you have it (though tidying experts may beg to differ, but that will be our little secret).

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Stone's 2018 Customer Appreciation Event

Well, folks, Stones’ big year-end party has come and gone; and what a time we had!  Just to keep you informed if you are not already aware; at the start of each new year, we at Stones host a big event to celebrate and say thank you to all our customers from the previous year! 

2018 seems to have just flown by!  Over the course of the year, our Stones Prestige family has continued to grow!  It’s been wonderful sharing the new home process with each and every person from the initial excitement of bank approval, to designing that perfect layout, picking those specific colors, and finalizing the home on site before the big thrill of move-in day! 

As mentioned, each year we celebrate and thank the previous year’s home buyers with our Customer Appreciation Event.  The event is jam-packed full of food, drinks, fun, and prizes for everyone!

We lucked out this year and although it was cold, we had a snowfall free day for our event!  On the evening of Tuesday, February 26th, we set up in a conference room upstairs in the Pictou County Wellness Centre.  It was a cold night for travel, but we didn’t let that stop our fun!  We had approximately 70 people on hand to celebrate with us consisting of 2018’s home buyers, their guests, and Stone’s Prestige Home staff.  We were also thrilled that Doug Hanson from the Prestige Homes factory in Sussex, NB was able to be in attendance as well.   

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3rd Annual Pictou County Home Show

Join us this year at the 3rd Annual Pictou County Home Show! We will be set up again this year to answer any and all questions about building with Stone's Prestige Homes.
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Getting To Know Modular Homes

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DIY Headboard with Nicole

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Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home

Valentine's Day seems to be a love it, or hate it, holiday. You don't need to go all out and spends tons of money to make it special, from making your own cards to cooking a meal together here's a list of things you can do at home with your significant other, your kids, or your pets to make Valentine's Day enjoyable.
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DIY With Nicole: Learn To Knit (Without Needles!)

I can tell you that there’s no greater feeling than making a gift for someone with your own hands and seeing them enjoy it - especially when it’s minus 20 degrees Celsius and you made them a knitted good!

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Doughnut Disturb: DIY Vacation-Mode Sunhat With Nicole

I am notorious for seeking inspiration on blogs, stores and scrolling through Instagram and deciding that I won’t pay a high price for something that I think I make myself.

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First Time Home Owners: Maintenance Guide

Purchasing your first home can be an exciting time in your life, it can also be overwhelming getting used to a mortgage payment along with all the other bills it takes to keep a house running. Not to mention all the maintenance that comes with owning a home, but don't panic! Here is an easy guide of what to check when owning your first home.

Check your Furnace and HVAC Filters: Who knows what kind of dirt and germs the previous owners left behind, this should be one of the first things you check on when moving into your new home, if the filters are clogged it stops the system from running smoothly, and in the end can cost you more money. This should be done every year around the same time.

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DIY Tool Kit with Nicole

Happy New Year! Many of us have a renewed and refreshed approach now that 2019 is here, and if you're like me, that means an endless list of DIY projects.

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The Drummond - Detailed Design

The Drummond display home is a split entry with a lot of style and loads of space.  It was planned with a young family in mind, as this would be a great starter home.  With the three bedrooms on the main level and a full basement, there is ample room for all the needs of a growing family.  This layout is a popular one but can be switched up to meet the needs of each family.
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Last Minute DIY Gifts with Nicole

As a maker, there’s no better feeling than to make something with your own hands and time, and give it to someone. For those who aren’t crafty or creative, I say: yes you are!
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DIY Yarn Ball Wreath With Nicole

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A Look Back at 2018

Click the link to watch Danielle's Holiday Wishes 

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Financing a New Build While Owning a Home

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DIY Hot Chocolate and Sweets Cart with Nicole

By the time you read this, I will already have watched the movie Home Alone 45 times. It is by far my favorite Christmas movie, and always gets me in the Christmas spirit (it may also have something to do with having Kenny and Dolly’s Christmas album on repeat in my car, but who knows). I channeled this holiday spirit into one of the easiest crafts ever. It’s inexpensive. It’s fun. It takes less than 5-minutes. It’s a hot chocolate bar stand! I think it mightactually take longer to read this blog than it does to make this.

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Winterizing My Home?!

Winterizing your home can help lower the cost of your energy bills, increase the efficiency and lifespan of your home and its components, and make your property safer for you and your family. Your home is one of your biggest investments and by maintaining it regularly you can ensure that you get to enjoy it for years to come.

Here are 5 things all homeowners should do to get their home ready for winter.

1. Trim nearby trees

Trimming down any branches that are around your windows, roof, and driveway is a great thing to do before the snow and ice come and weigh them down, it could cause potential damage to your windows roof, or make it harder to get in and out of your driveway.

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Easy DIY Bar Cart with Nicole

Some say they never left (me), but for some, bar carts are back!

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Should it Stay or Should it Go?

It seems to be a bi-annual event to downsize or purge your belongings, there is the spring cleaning bug, and another one in the fall, as the holidays are creeping up you have to make space for all the family and friends that will be dropping by expectedly or not so expectedly. It's easy to get carried away and end up getting rid of things that later you'll go looking for until you remember you tossed it in your frenzy of de-cluttering. Here are some things to keep in mind, and keep in the house before you start chucking the old furniture out the windows.

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Quick and Easy Fall Porch Update with Nicole

We got the keys to our home in October, and the first thing I did when we walked in was hang a new fall wreath on our door. I was just itchy to get decorating, and fall is one of my favourite times to start!

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Quick and Gourd-geous Pumpkin Centrepieces

Fall décor is out in full force, and this week I’m going to show you how to prepare your own pumpkin centre piece in minutes to bring some fall décor into your home and add that extra piece as you welcome guests to your table for Thanksgiving.

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Building Peace of Mind: Our Site Manager!

One of the great things about Stone’s Prestige Homes is that we offer complete turn-key packages, and because we are able to offer this, we are able to provide our home owners with peace of mind.  By peace of mind, we mean that we will minimize the stress and worry for our clients as much as possible.  There are many key things that play a part in giving peace of mind, one of which is our site manager.
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Home Is Where The Wifi Is

One of my favourite little touches I have in my guest rooms is ensuring that the Wi-fi password and connection is clear for guests to use. 

Yes, you can easily tell someone your password, but if you’re like me and you haven’t changed it from the standard-issued one, it’s a ridiculous series of letters and numbers that you never remember anyway. I'm lucky I remember anyone's telephone number these days!

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Cleaning Your Heat Pump

I recently bought my first home and property, a minihome on 3 acres in rural Nova Scotia. One of the things I loved about the minihome when house-hunting was the ease and efficiency of a heat pump, which was only three years old. Now that we've been in the minihome for a few months, including one of the hottest Nova Scotian summers in history, we truly know the heat pump's worth! 

But my son and I have both been feeling a bit 'stuffed up' since moving in, and I noticed our sinus issues were worse on mornings when we had the heat pump running all night to stay cool. I started looking into how often heat pumps should be cleaned and found that if you aren't cleaning your unit once a year, you may be giving black mold and bacteria the perfect place to grow!

I reached out to an expert: Tommy Campbell Gallant owns and runs Breathe Easy, a mini-split heat pump cleaning and disinfection company located in Pictou County but servicing all of Nova Scotia. 

Tommy runs a one-man business. Back in January, he noticed there weren't any professional services fully dedicated to disinfecting heat pumps, and with a BSc in Toxicology and over 5 years experience in the HVAC industry, he was uniquely qualified.

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Mixing Modern With Heirlooms: Climb up to your own blanket ladder project!

Home Alone is one of my favourite movies, and I know that everyone loves the house from the movie, though as adults, many of us are focused on how much their mortgage could possibly be, and what the power bill is. Sometimes adulting is hard, eh?

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DIY Fails with Nicole

When we moved into our Stone’s Home, it was a blank slate. I couldn’t wait to get my craft on. One project in particular I got my craft on a little too hard, and the result was messy.

When I do my craft projects, I typically prefer something I can make quickly - patience is truly a virtue when it comes to letting things dry, or respecting the process to properly create something. With one exception.

I once decided to make a beautiful wreath for the upcoming holiday season. It was a simple craft: I purchased an MDF cutout of the letter ‘R’ with a circle around it, and several bags of teeny-tiny Styrofoam balls. The vision was to glue the teeny-tiny balls to the cutout and then spray paint it a beautiful cherry red. I sat at my kitchen table, burning my fingers on the glue gun, hunched over this cut out for hours. If you’ve worked with Styrofoam before, you may notice that it conducts static, so keeping the teeny-tiny balls in the work space, then placing them to glue them on was tedious, to say the least. Knowing how pretty it would look in the end kept me going. Finally, after many Christmas movies later it was done, and ready for the coat of paint.

I quickly began sweeping the paint across the wreath for what was intended to be an even coat, of beautiful, cherry red, just as I had pictured hanging on my front door. Then, a sound. A hissing sound.

Stopping, I look down and see that the spray paint was in fact melting each and every single one of the teeny tiny styrofoam balls that I had painstakingly glued onto the wreath. I can tell you that for approximately 1 second it was the beautiful cherry red, just as I had envisioned. But shortly after, it was a hot mess, literally.

You may be surprised to learn, as I was, that if you simply Google “Can you spray paint styrofoam”  the top answer is essentially no, and that it will in fact melt your styrofoam. Who knew? (Other than Google).

So that one was a learning moment, and one of many in the DIY realm. Not all DIYs work, or turn out how you want them to, or maybe aren’t what you envisioned, but it’s all part of the process. It’s important to do a little research to ensure you’re using the proper tools, process, adhesives, techniques or learning from others mistakes (and triumphs!) as you embark on your next project.

If after an endeavour such as this you need a laugh (time has passed and I can now laugh at this) I encourage you to Google ‘Pinterest Fails’, and you’ll know that there are others out there, just like you. Happy Crafting!

About Nicole
Hi, I’m Nicole! My partner John and I have owned a Stone’s Prestige Home for over 3 and ½ years, and we love our space! With a passion for DIY, I’ve had so much fun personalizing and really making our space our own. I love to craft and get creative, and like all DIY’ers, I’ve had my fair share of fails. I’m excited to share ideas, inspiration, and projects, and a few tips along the way to help you along your DIY journey!

To Paint Or Not To Paint The Kitchen Cupboards?

Gutting and renovating a kitchen can cost a pretty penny.  Sometimes you’re ready for a change but maybe your budget isn’t ready yet. So, what do you do?  Suck it up or buy yourself some time?  I vote buy yourself some time by painting your cabinets.
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TV Gallery Wall with Nicole

When we were looking for a home, we fell in love with the layout of the Millbrook at Stone’s. Our family spends a lot of time in our TV room, which opens to our eating area, and our kitchen. Since we spend so much time there, it was important for us to create a space that had flow, and that the TV area was comfortable, inviting and had some personal touches.

Gallery walls are a really cool trend that brings in a mix of elements to any space. For us, We started with our TV on the wall, and on the left, we have a large frame from Michaels that I change out with seasonal prints. Purchasing or downloading free printables is one of my favourite ways to freshen up my decor. I search blogs, Pinterest, or Etsy and purchase or download free files and print them at Staples or Walmart.

Above the TV I have a sign that I made myself. I always strive to have our decor represent both mine and John’s taste, and here I have a wooden sign (purchased at Michaels, ready to hang!) with the phrase ‘Come as you are’, which is a Nirvana song, and a phrase I thought suited the message for our home. For my personalized signs that I make, I use a Silhouette machine which essentially allows you to cut custom pieces of paper or vinyl to make decals. I purchased a letter ‘R’ at Winners, added a basket for blankets, a plant and an old box to prop up a cozy pillow and blanket.

My favourite piece is a copper wreath that my dad helped me make. Using scrap copper he had, we fused the pieces together in the shape and size that I wanted. I love using metals in my decor, and for this I chose a non-traditional shape for a wreath. To finish, using a glue gun, I added a faux flower and some greenery, which can be removed for a more simple look.

For a final little touch, I changed out the knobs  on the fireplace doors, just to personalize it a bit with our decor. Adding new knobs or handles is a quick and easy way to change any pieces you may already have in your home.

About Nicole
Hi, I’m Nicole! My partner John and I have owned a Stone’s Prestige Home for over 3 and ½ years, and we love our space! With a passion for DIY, I’ve had so much fun personalizing and really making our space our own. I love to craft and get creative, and like all DIY’ers, I’ve had my fair share of fails. I’m excited to share ideas, inspiration, and projects, and a few tips along the way to help you along your DIY journey!

From the Ground Up: Foundations

So you've decided to build a new house from Stone's Prestige Homes, congratulations!!  You may have already started thinking about the perfect floor plan, paint colours, cabinets and light fixtures... but one of the first big decisions you will be faced with is perhaps a little less glamorous.
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DIY Faux Wallpaper with Nicole

Wallpaper has made a big come back, and there are even removable versions, and decals that you can use to make a big statement and add personality to your space.
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Cabinetry Hardware

Whether you're designing a new home or you're looking to spruce up the look of your kitchen, cabinetry hardware is a small detail that can pack a big design punch. With all of the options available on the market, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed and unsure of where to start. We've put together some helpful tips when selecting your new hardware. 

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Maintaining Your Home: HRV

As with any big purchase, you know that maintenance is essential if you want that item to last for an extended period of time.  Just like your car, you want to ensure all aspects of your new home are maintained and cared for properly and in a timely manner.  By doing so you are securing a quality home that will last you a lifetime.
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Welcome to the Maritime

Never has so much fun been had while selecting the finishes inside and out for a Display Home.  And do you know why?  It’s because we let you, the followers of Stone’s Prestige Homes, weigh in and make the selections for us!  This truly is YOUR home!  And The Maritime couldn’t be a better name for it, right?

Over the course of a couple months, you were given choices for the new display home and now it’s time for you to see the finished product!  Are you ready for the tour?

Let’s start with this great colour combination on the exterior.  The upgraded deep blue siding paired with the splashy yellow door is a great way to make the right first impression.  And the style of the front door is just so fabulous!

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Share the Rewards Contest

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Join Us For An Open House

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The Coxheath Development - House 1/4

We had a client approach us looking to build four executive style homes in Coxheath, NS. He came to our office with a few plans picked out, the issue being that these plans were roughly 1200sqft too small for his needs.

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Questions For Your Builder, Part One

Building a home can be a stressful experience, but not if you choose the right builder. On the first of a series of videos, we're going to arm you with the right questions to ask when determining who you want to build your home. These questions are applicable whether you choose to build a modular home or a stick-built home.
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Spring Cleaning and Declutter

Despite the weather and temperature, it seems that Spring is here, and though you may not feel like it, spring-cleaning time is here as well! As a new homeowner, my partner and I are no strangers to top-bottom cleaning and painting, so I know how much work it entails. But I also know how worthwhile it is to stand back and look at an old room become like new again!

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Holiday Wishes from Stones Superior Homes

Holiday Wishes from Stones Superior Homes

Helpful Hints with Hugh: FAQs

In our previous blog, we explored the wonderful world of mortgages and the importance of the pre-approval. As like most of us, obtaining a mortgage is either a brand new experience, or one that you haven’t had to re-visit in quite some time. There are a lot of questions that are associated with the whole process that I’m sure you have, but are not sure what to ask, or maybe don’t have the time to ask them. So let’s take a few minutes now, as part 2 of our “Helpful Hints with Hugh” and explore some of the frequently asked questions of a mortgage specialist.
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Help Prevent Flooding and Reduce Damage with these Simple Steps

Happy September everyone! With school starting this week and the wet weather & hurricane warnings that are taking place, it’s really put a wrench in the end of summer. Guess that means fall (and gross....winter) is just around the corner. With it all comes, (on occasion) lying levels of water that are not always easy to control.
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A Nod to the Contrasting Island

Do you ever wonder what we’re doing that will date our homes and the people of the future will groan as they walk in and think, “Oh, that is so 2017!” Me, too. But part of me doesn’t care. We are here and we need to create a home that suits us now.
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First Time Homeowner: The Millbrook


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Share the Rewards Contest

We're excited to announce the beginning of the Stone's Prestige Homes Share the Rewards Travel Contest.
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A Night To Remember

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Choosing Upgrades on a Budget

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First Time Homeowner: The Millbrook


In my role in marketing, I've had the privilege of touring, videoing and photographing so many beautiful Prestige Homes. I get to meet a lot of our new homeowners and I often ask them the same question.

"What advice would you give to a young person or couple who are beginning to look at the real estate market for the first time?"

Though the wording may vary, the response is always the same.

“Contact Stone’s."

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A Look Back On 2017

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Versatility in Design

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Understanding Your Home Warranty

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Design Trends

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We Build All Year Round!

We were lucky to avoid it this long but it's official: the cold weather is here.
Cold, snowy weather doesn't have to mean delaying your new home though. Most of our customers are shocked when they learn that we (unlike many builders) are able to build year-round! That's just one of the benefits of building with Stones Prestige Homes - when your home is factory-built, the elements don’t effect materials, labour or timelines.

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5 Upgrades Under $500


It can be hard to know where to invest your money during the design process with so many options to choose from. We’ve compiled a list of 5 upgraded features that come in under $500 as a helpful guide to getting the most ‘bang for your buck’! 


1) Boston Headers

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Packing It Up

Last post we talked about how to stage your home for selling and assuming those tricks worked, now it’s time to pack!  Where do you even start? How do you figure out what to take and what to sell?

I was helping someone unpack recently and I asked for her tips on moving.  And her reply was, “Start 3 years in advance!”  It’s easy to see the reasoning behind that when you are staring at 5, 10, 30 years worth of living that needs to be sorted out and packed up.  It can be so overwhelming.  If you’re planning on purging while you pack, then you need the time to go through everything well in advance of the moving trucks showing up.  And no one else can really do the purging for you.

So, here are a few tips to get you started!

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Beginning 'The Process'

We get a lot of calls and messages from people who are interested in the homes we post and interested in the idea of building, but are really just not sure where to start.

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The Upside to Downsizing

It's A Downsize, Not A Downside:


It's hard to know when the time to downsize your home has come. Even the term 'downsize' sounds like a step backward, and homeowners usually don't fantasize about buying a smaller home. But it doesn't have to feel like a negative thing. Smaller homes can come with big perks, like minimal maintenance, one level living (helloooo no lugging laundry baskets up and down the stairs!) - and in the case of building with Prestige Homes, getting to spend your money on design features you've always adored rather than extra bedrooms.

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Staging To Sell

If you’re trying to sell your home, sometimes it can be an overwhelming project to prepare your home.  And it can be hard to see the forest for the trees when it comes to your own house.  How your home appears to potential buyers can really make a big difference in whether or not it sells.  Today we’re going to talk about a few things you can do to make your home more appealing to the buyers out there.

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I'll Know It When I See It

How often do you say those words when you are looking for something for your home?  Something needs to grab your attention and ‘speak’ to you and that’s when you know it’s the right choice.  We can be talking about anything from tile to sofas to a throw for the foot of the bed.  When it comes to dressing your home, it is so personal and almost instinctual.  Yes, good design plays a part in it but there’s so much more to it.

I’m sure if we looked into it, there would be visual clues that people give without knowing it that would indicate to watchers that they are drawn to something in a store.  Maybe they reach out to touch it, maybe they linger longer in front of it and maybe, and I’ve seen it, they jump up and down in excitement that they found it.   

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What Makes For A Comfy Bed?

Our bedrooms need to be comfortable and relaxing.  Do you know why? Because we spend a third of our life in bed.  So, let me ask you – do you want to spend that time in a place that you dislike and that doesn’t draw you in or do you want to spend that time in a place that is inviting and helps you shed the worries of the day to day life?
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