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Should it Stay or Should it Go?

It seems to be a bi-annual event to downsize or purge your belongings, there is the spring cleaning bug, and another one in the fall, as the holidays are creeping up you have to make space for all the family and friends that will be dropping by expectedly or not so expectedly. It's easy to get carried away and end up getting rid of things that later you'll go looking for until you remember you tossed it in your frenzy of de-cluttering. Here are some things to keep in mind, and keep in the house before you start chucking the old furniture out the windows.

Important Papers:

Things like birth certificates of your kids, your tax papers from last year that you don't think you'll need until you do. Anything to do with ownership papers, or warranty papers, when that new dishwasher you splurged on decides to start sputtering out water all over the floor. Making a folder labeled "to keep" or "Important" and keep these documents in there will ensure they don't accidentally get tossed
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Family Heirlooms:

Two things to think of here is antique items that have been passed down from generation to generation and has sentimental value to you, it could be a quilt your great-grandmother hand quilted, or it could be your great grandfather's medals that he received in the war. Items like these are good to hold onto and can be passed down to further generations, and collect more meaning and value.

medalBoxSentimental Items:

Such as your Childs first tooth they lost, or the recipe cards your mother hand wrote and gave to you for her super secret fudge recipe. You don't have to keep every tooth or every strand of hair from each haircut they received until they entered school. However keeping things that mark milestones in life, that make you look back on and smile are worth keeping, you don't want to lose things that make your heart happy.

816lQS13JPL. SX425 Basic Kitchen Supplies:

A little organization goes a long way when it comes to kitchen supplies, you don't keep 4 different pizza cutters, or 2 crock pots because you went out and bought yourself one, and then your mother in law gave you one as an anniversary gift a month later. Keeping the best quality pots and pans, your sharpest set of knives, your favorite mug for coffee in the morning and your favorite baking utensils will make it easier to de-clutter your kitchen. 

basic tools 300x147Tools:

No one needs 15 of the same wrench that's the same size sitting in their toolbox, Make sure you have the essentials to hang up and pictures or fix that loose screw in your doorknob.

try tab image 6c620b07fb492d74837db284eb58045db7277f0e84de1d667254aa09c67bdb5bArt:

If you find yourself questioning where to put it so the least amount of people see it, should you really put it up in the first place? Keeping pieces of art that speak to you are important and will make you enjoy your space more.

E130 new webEmergency Supplies:

Extra batteries, an old crank radio, flashlights, candles, matches or lighters, anything you would need if the power was to go out for more than a day. Store these things in a tote labeled "In case of emergency"

Purging and downsizing can feel freeing and make you feel more mentally organized, just take your time and be mindful not to throw anything away you'll be missing later. Good Luck!

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