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We Build All Year Round!

We were lucky to avoid it this long but it's official: the cold weather is here.
Cold, snowy weather doesn't have to mean delaying your new home though. Most of our customers are shocked when they learn that we (unlike many builders) are able to build year-round! That's just one of the benefits of building with Stones Prestige Homes - when your home is factory-built, the elements don’t effect materials, labour or timelines.

Plus, with the added benefit that business is generally a little slower during the winter months, your build might take even less time than you plan or expect it to! Contractors such as electricians and plumbers are more readily available for work.

Moving in the wintertime might be chilly, but the frozen ground means you won't have to worry about the mud and muck brought by spring weather - and furniture and other belongings won't be subject to rainfall.

By building in the wintertime, you'll be able to spend your spring landscaping your new yard to enjoy during the summer months. There's nothing stopping you from starting 2018 in a brand new home!

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September 28, 2022