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Civic number updating and DIY

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A civic number is so much more than a way to identify a home, in a way you could say it’s a first impression or a handshake. Along with the decor and aesthetic of the outside of your home, it can also share a little bit of personality as well.

So, how do you decide what to do with your civic number?
Here are a few things to think of while you’re choosing your civic number style.

Colours- make sure you pick a colour that will stand out well from your home or where you are planning on putting the numbers. A reflective sign or material is always a great option to help with nighttime visibility for emergency vehicles or guests.

Style- When you look at your home from the curb what sort of feeling or style does it make you feel? Is your home more of a cottage look or maybe something more modern looking? If you’re dealing with lots of neutral tones and a more plain or undecorated exterior the civic number can be a way to add a pop of colour or keep with the theme.

Placement- While this point depends on where you live and the guidelines you have to follow from your town, having an official municipality regulated civic address sign and a second, placed where you wish and in what style you want can also be an option. For more information on civic address bylaws and regulations make sure you first check your municipal website before you make any changes to your home or property.

Durability- Your sign is going to have to stand the test of time. It doesn’t necessarily have to last you for the next 20 years or so, but if you are putting work into the project it’s not something you’re going to want to replace in six months. So when you choose a style and material make sure that it will withstand the elements and still remain intact.

With these things to consider, a little homework can always help as well. Take a look online, on Pinterest, Google, Instagram, wherever works for you and see if you can find a style you like best.
You do not necessarily have to DIY your own sign, as some styles just aren't possible for everyone to make and it depends on resources, however, a quality DIY always adds that bit of an extra touch and uniqueness to your home.
So source your materials online, in the hardware store or where you need to get what you’re looking for and gather it together.

My example DIY may not work for everyone but it will give you an idea of what can be done with a little work.
Check out our Pinterest inspiration board HERE 580b57fcd9996e24bc43c52e

Civic number mailbox DIY

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  1. I have a metal mailbox on the front of my home and it did have raised numbers on it but with wear and tear and weather they had fallen off. So after patiently waiting the winter, I (with great difficulty) ripped the mailbox off the side of the house. It had been attached with silicone, which is a great idea if you want it to stay put and sturdy but a little difficult to remove
  2. Once removed the small top of the metal mailbox had some rusty patches and bubbled paint from water and sun damage etc.
  3. I then used a scraper to remove old paint and what rust I could, and a wire brush as well as some rust removing chemical to scrub off any rust that had begun to form. The same process was repeated on the front of the mailbox where there was still adhesive and foam from the previous numbers. A bit of sandpaper also worked well to smooth things out just a little bit. After rinsing chemicals I let it sit inside and dry overnight to make sure that everything was gone and I would have a blank shell to start over with.
  4. I used some rustproofing spray paint primer to give a good solid base to restart the mailbox with, using at least two coats and I let it sit in between for the allotted amount of time.
  5. After drying for 24 hours, I moved on to the paint. I chose a rustproof matte black colour as the mailbox began black and it matched the house well. Two coats and drying time in between and my base was fully prepped. 
  6. Although this next step may not be possible for everyone there are variations!
         I am a crafter and happen to own a home vinyl cutting machine called a Cricut. I used this to cut           some permanent matte white vinyl into a design of my choosing and added two small branches             in there for decoration as well.
         The white on black combo is nice and bright and visible and I made sure the numbers and letters           were large enough to be seen from the street and sidewalk.

         Now, I realise that not everyone has a vinyl cutting craft machine so this is where the variations             can come in. You can find a design you like and trace it onto vinyl and cut it out and it would end           with the same result. You can also use a paintbrush and stencil a design on and paint it by hand.           And you can also buy a stencil or non-permanent vinyl to trace and cut out a stencil and spray               paint the number on. Or you can buy a number of stickers for this part.

     7. Once cut they were put on sticky paper So I could transfer them all on at once and stuck down               like a normal sticker and hung my mailbox back up on the siding.

TL;DR instructions:

  1. Remove the sign or mailbox.
  2. Scrape off the debris and clean with abrasive brushes and chemicals and smooth with sandpaper. Let it dry.
  3. Prime the surface with paint of choice. If working with metal make sure it is rustproof but any primer and paint choice should be for outdoor use. Use at least 2 coats. Let it dry.
  4. Paint with chosen paint and use at least 2 coats, make sure you get full coverage. Let it dry.
  5. (for Cricut owners): Cut vinyl numbers and letters and shapes.
  6. (for everyone else) If you do not own a vinyl cutter you can use a stencil and scissors on vinyl, paint it directly on the mailbox with a brush or use a stencil and spray paint.
  7. Stick or apply your chosen method and admire!

**TL;DR means Too Long; Didn’t Read ( a shortened version of the original)
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