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I'll Know It When I See It

How often do you say those words when you are looking for something for your home?  Something needs to grab your attention and ‘speak’ to you and that’s when you know it’s the right choice.  We can be talking about anything from tile to sofas to a throw for the foot of the bed.  When it comes to dressing your home, it is so personal and almost instinctual.  Yes, good design plays a part in it but there’s so much more to it.

I’m sure if we looked into it, there would be visual clues that people give without knowing it that would indicate to watchers that they are drawn to something in a store.  Maybe they reach out to touch it, maybe they linger longer in front of it and maybe, and I’ve seen it, they jump up and down in excitement that they found it.   


So, what is it that draws people to certain choices?  There are a few things, I think.  Maybe it’s the latest trend and they saw something similar while scrolling through their Instagram feed.  Maybe it’s a memory of a similar style or colour that speaks strongly to them or maybe it’s in their favourite colour.  It might be a texture they love that helps make that final decision.  The sub-conscience plays a big part in the selection process.  

Of course, there is the practical side that needs to weigh in these choices, too.  Will it fit in the space?  Is it serviceable for how you live? Does it tie in with the other things in the space? These things need to be considered as well so that every time you go looking for something for your home that you aren’t starting from scratch and doing a room over when you ‘see it’.


During the selection process, because there are so many options for just about everything now, I like to ask some questions and narrow down the choices so people don’t get completely overwhelmed and get frustrated.  A few main factors to think about are colours you like or don’t like, the overall feel you are trying to achieve or the patterns you are naturally drawn to.  Asking a few questions can help steer the direction and simplify the selection process.  Knowing the rough budget helps, too, but sometimes if you really love something, there’s a little wiggle room to allow for it.

So, next time you’re looking for countertop or a new sofa, listen to yourself and see if you say “I’ll know it when I see it” to the sales person…because chances are you’re right!

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September 28, 2022