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The ABC's of Creating an Alphabet Wall With Nicole

Are you ready for the adorableness of this project? It's a beautiful alphabet wall!

alphabet wall

This is actually featured in my friend Ashley's home and has a neat background on how it came about.

For her baby shower, I wanted to give her and her husband a neat gift to welcome their first child. I made a list of the alphabet, and then assigned a letter to each person, ensuring that we would have all 26-letters accounted for. I didn't give any specifics on colors, size, etc. and just let people pick their own letter, and as you can see, the results were amazing!

Some of the letters have meaning for some people, such as their family's last name, or their name, and it came together well (my favorite is the wheel for the letter 'O', so creative!).

It's a cute idea for a child's room or a playroom, and in this case, each letter came from someone special to them and their mom and dad.  Real life moment: You may have noticed that the letter 'P' is missing and I love that little perceived imperfection which actually keeps this real!  

Creating your own letter wall may seem daunting but it can be a really fun project - you just need to keep your eyes peeled for letters or shapes that look like letters until you have the whole collection. For some, the letter was purchased as is, and for others, you'll notice that it was decorated with stickers or painted. I would recommend keeping a list in your phone of what letters you have or need, and slowly pick away at it - you never know where you'll find inspiration! If the whole alphabet seems overwhelming, you can also play around with short words or phrases, like 'Play' or 'Let's have fun' - the possibilities are truly endless. If there are older siblings or little ones in your extended family, you can also involve them in getting creative and being a part of this special project.
TIP: Don't overthink it! As you can see here, the mix of sizes, colors, and shapes makes this perfectly unmatched, and really special.

To put her alphabet wall up, the family used nails and velcro strips for this adorable, educational and truly special feature wall in their playroom! 

What letter do you love?

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