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Versatility in Design

When you get to design your own home, you are in control of how you live in it.  And it is nice to have some flexibility in how you do that.  The professionals at Stones listen to you and will help walk you through the process, making sure you have the space that suits you and your family.

One of the ways you can do that is to plan ahead.  If you’re someone who likes to rearrange your furniture, you may want to leave yourself a few options.  Think about the living room – where does your TV go?  If you have only one spot it can go, is that going to limit that rest of the furniture layout?  If you allow for more than one cable hookup, you might have a few more options for the layout. Also, in the bedrooms, if you space the doorways, windows and plugs out in such a way that you aren’t tied to only one layout, you can switch the space around.  

This allows you the freedom to make some changes without it costing you anything.  A fresh layout can really do wonders for how the space feels and functions.  Plus, sometimes, it’s just fun to change things up.  

One of the other benefits to designing a space is to allow special pieces to fit in your new home.  This could be anything from a unique cabinet to an heirloom dining room set to a special piece of art. If there are items you know will be moving with you, take pictures and measurements along for the designing stage so that they can be accounted for in the floorplan.  There’s nothing worse than taking the time to plan your home, only to move in to find your grandmother’s china cabinet doesn’t fit in the dining room.  Maybe a wall niche is the perfect spot for that sculpture, or maybe by switching up the floorplan a little, you can accommodate the special piece where it makes the most sense and can be showcased properly.  

Some pre-planning and thought into what you want in your space and how you want it to function can make for a unique space that feels like home to you. It is a great way to personalize your home and put your own stamp on it.

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