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DIY Hot Chocolate and Sweets Cart with Nicole

By the time you read this, I will already have watched the movie Home Alone 45 times. It is by far my favorite Christmas movie, and always gets me in the Christmas spirit (it may also have something to do with having Kenny and Dolly’s Christmas album on repeat in my car, but who knows). I channeled this holiday spirit into one of the easiest crafts ever. It’s inexpensive. It’s fun. It takes less than 5-minutes. It’s a hot chocolate bar stand! I think it mightactually take longer to read this blog than it does to make this.

What is a hot chocolate bar stand? It’s a holiday-themed stand to display your holiday treats, and have all your goodies in one spot. For this craft, all you need is a tray, a cookie tin, and a storage, which all of the pieces I grabbed at the dollar store. You can also use matching plates or galvanized trays. If you’re using plates, be mindful of the edges which sometimes don’t allow for the best storage of goodies on a flat surface.

Next, heat up a glue gun (also available at the dollar store!) and you are armed and ready. Before I started, I decided to give the top of the cookie tin a quick spray paint as I wanted the white to match the pattern I picked out for the tray. You can leave it as it, or change the color, entirely up to you.
To assemble the stand, add a layer of glue around the top of the storage jar (or whatever center you choose, more details below), and adhere it to the top of the cookie tin.

Next, glue the bottom of the jar to the center of the tray, and VOILA - you have an adorable, affordable stand. When finding your supplies, you can also use glassware for the center, or even a candle holder - as long as both ends are flat to adhere to. I loved the idea of the jar as it could still function for storage, and in this case, I filled with peppermint treats (a fav in my hot chocolate!). It would also be a great way to store your hot chocolate powder or coffee grinds.

Let’s talk decorating.
I found some cute little jars with snowflakes that I filled with sugary treats, and a salt and pepper set that I filled with cinnamon and cocoa powder (great for coffee toppers!). I got some chocolate treats, candy canes, suckers, reusable straws, and my favorite storage accent of this project which are actually Christmas ornaments! I filled those with some Skor bits and Chipits, which are perfect for the top of whipped topping on a hot drink. For decorating, you can also place your favorite holiday mugs, little signs, or Christmas decor to add a piece to your countertop and get you ready to treat yourself and curl up to watch a Christmas movie, or to entertain guests.
Nicole sweets cart
DIY gift-giver tip: Grab some extra supplies and treats to make a fun little holiday gift for a hostess or friend!

Nicole Leblanc HeadshotAbout Nicole
Hi, I’m Nicole! My partner John and I have owned a Stone’s Prestige Home for over 3 and ½ years, and we love our space! With a passion for DIY, I’ve had so much fun personalizing and really making our space our own. I love to craft and get creative, and like all DIY’ers, I’ve had my fair share of fails. I’m excited to share ideas, inspiration, and projects, and a few tips along the way to help you along your DIY journey!

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