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DIY Yarn Ball Wreath With Nicole

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This is a wreath I made a few years ago, and easily one of my favorite crafts!

Looks difficult? It's not! Looks time-consuming? It is a little bit, but it's an easy project to pick up and put down in between life's busy times.
This is a great craft to plunk down in front of the TV and throw on a Christmas movie for. Here's the supplies: steps and a few tricks and tips to have this hanging on your door in no time!

Styrofoam balls, various sizes (# required depends on the size of your wreath)
Yarn (I used scraps, but you could do all one color, or grab a few coordinating options)

Pom poms (optional, but help with structure, see below)
Glue gun and glue sticks
Wreath frame/foam
Embellishments (I used the wooden snowflakes)

To begin, warm up your glue gun, and start wrapping each Styrofoam ball with yarn, gluing the end once the ball is completely wrapped (watch your fingers, that glue is hot!). I found it helpful to make a bunch of yarn balls so I had plenty to work with when it came time to build the wreath itself. This is the most time-consuming part of the project but as mentioned, it's pretty mindless so you can throw on a movie or hang out while doing it. Tip: You can also use ribbon to wrap the balls, but depending on the width of the ribbon, it may not be as easy to work with or lay flat.

Once you have all your balls wrapped, lay your wreath form on a flat surface, and place the yarn balls flat on the surface on the interior and the exterior of the form. I recommend starting with the largest yarn balls and working your way down in size, saving the smallest to fill in the spaces and gaps. Don't worry about getting things too perfect, it will come together, and the small yarn balls will help. Planning out the wreath before you glue helps you to plan or coordinate the colors and sizes before committing to gluing them down. TIP: To help your wreaths lay flat on a door, you can carefully cut the wreath form in half so that the back portion lays flat

When you have the interior and exterior laying flat, glue the yarn balls to the wreath form. Make sure that you have lots of glue sticks on hand - this part can take a bit of time as the glue needs a little bit of time to warm up, so if you're working quickly, the glue may not keep up with you. Just be patient - it will be worth it in the end! Make sure as you fill the wreath out that you're gluing the balls to the wreath, and the yarn ball beside them, it helps keep it together. TIP: Make sure that the side of the yarn balls that have the glued ends are glued facing the back of the wreath!

Once those are glued on, continue places yarn balls on the top portion, and then fill in the gaps with pom poms or smaller yarn balls.

To finish it off, you can add little wooden embellishments or any ornaments that you can find. For the interior of this one, I strung the wooden words 'hohoho' on the wreath hook, and didn't attach it to the wreath itself, so it could be removed after Christmas, and then I still have a nice cozy finish to my door for the winter. Depending on how exposed your door is, the wreath may need to be sprayed with a protectant spray in the event it gets wet, or I recommend finding a nice place inside to enjoy your wreath.

Happy wrapping! I would love to see your photos if you complete this beautiful project!

Nicole Leblanc HeadshotAbout Nicole
Hi, I’m Nicole! My partner John and I have owned a Stone’s Prestige Home for over 3 and ½ years, and we love our space! With a passion for DIY, I’ve had so much fun personalizing and really making our space our own. I love to craft and get creative, and like all DIY’ers, I’ve had my fair share of fails. I’m excited to share ideas, inspiration, and projects, and a few tips along the way to help you along your DIY journey!

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