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Beginning 'The Process'

We get a lot of calls and messages from people who are interested in the homes we post and interested in the idea of building, but are really just not sure where to start.

Building a home can be an overwhelming experience, but here at Stones Superior Homes, it’s our goal to make it as easy as possible for you. Instead of chasing contractors down or facing unexpected building expenses, you can rest assured that your homebuild is in safe, capable hands, with a price that's guaranteed.

But what steps do you need to take to get there? It only makes sense that we make the beginning as easy as we make the end, so here goes, your first steps down the home-building journey! 

Step 1) Mortgage Pre-Approval



Getting a pre-approval on a mortgage is a very smart step in homebuilding. It helps to determine what your budget will be, which is always a great starting point. For more information on obtaining a pre-approval, please visit this blog where we speak with Mortgage Broker Hugh Sims.

Step 2) Land



Do you know where you’d like to build? Maybe you already own land, which is great! Our site manager will visit your property and determine what it needs, any issues that may arise with home delivery, etc.


If you don’t already have land, that’s no problem! Stones is happy to search for land on your behalf after discussing your wants and needs and determining a location you’d like to build within. We offer land-home packages which bundle your land and home costs into one mortgage payment.  

Step 3) Wish list



Create a list of your ‘must-have’ home features. This could mean something different to everyone. Some homeowners come to us prepared with fully designed homes they’ve drawn up on graph paper, while others simply know the number of bedrooms they need. Here are some great things to think about before sitting down to plan your home:

  • What style home would I like? A two-story home, a split-entry, a one level rancher, a mini?  
  • How many bedrooms and bathrooms do I need?
  • Does my property have any special features I would like to incorporate into my design, such as a great view on one side, or sloping land? 

Step 4) Sit Down With Us  

Once you’ve determined your budget and put some thought into what features you’d like in your new home, we would love to sit down and talk it all out with you! This typically begins with setting your budget, subtracting your land, septic and well expenses from that budget to learn what your house budget is. We then go through your wish list with you and work our way through the design process from there!

Not local? No problem! Even though our office is located in New Glasgow, we build homes through the Antigonish and Cape Breton regions. We understand that not everyone is able to commute to our office for these appointments, therefore we’re happy to provide Skype and FaceTime appointments with our clients if possible. 

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September 28, 2022