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Building Peace of Mind: Our Site Manager!

One of the great things about Stone’s Prestige Homes is that we offer complete turn-key packages, and because we are able to offer this, we are able to provide our home owners with peace of mind.  By peace of mind, we mean that we will minimize the stress and worry for our clients as much as possible.  There are many key things that play a part in giving peace of mind, one of which is our site manager.

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We are fortunate to be able to provide a designated site manager who is readily available for all of our clients, and if you've built with us before you may simply know him as Greg! 

There are many different aspects of the home build Greg will take care of that will remove the stress and worry from our homeowners; many of these things you might not even realize go into the construction of a home.  Having a capable person to facilitate all of these items for you really goes a long way.

Here are just a few of the details our site manager will provide for our clients:

• Visit your lot before you purchase your home to ensure it is suitable for the placement of a home

• With decades of experience, he is also able to recommend the best location for the home to be placed on the lot based on the layout of the land and its surroundings

• Facilitate the land work that is to be completed before the house arrives.  This would include items such as well, septic, placement of driveway, or grubbing (shaping of the lot so it is level and removal of debris, roots, rocks, etc that may be in the way of the home’s placement)

• Arrange for the power connection.  This includes meeting with NSP to ensure power comes off the best pole for the location of your home/driveway

• Arrange to apply & receive your building permit

• Arrange to apply & receive your occupancy permit

• Arrange for the excavation for your foundation

• Is available to oversee the basement being poured & completed

• On site for the arrival of the home on delivery day

• Arranges all of the sub trades that will complete the home on site such as carpenters, plumbers, electricians, painters, drywallers, etc

• Is able to ensure the home is cleaned of all debris upon completion depending on the package you choose

• Will perform the customer orientation with the client

• Will be on hand for final inspection and throughout the building process

• Arrange to have contractors fix any loose ends resulting from the walk through with the client and the site manager prior to moving in

By having a site manager available with each new home build, it minimizes worry and stress, but it also gives the client someone they feel they can trust.  Our site manager is there to look out for their best interest and will be able to offer them their decades of home building experience.  Someone who is able to put their mind at ease throughout what could have been an overwhelming process is certainly one of Stone’s Prestige Homes’ greatest features!

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September 28, 2022