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Choosing Upgrades on a Budget

When it comes to selecting the finishes and fixtures in your home, the choices can seem overwhelming.  And then throw in the whole budget factor!  But here are some tips on selecting a few extra touches for your home to take it from ordinary to special.

Cabinetry makes a huge impact in your kitchen and isn’t something that you can easily change down the road, so this is a great upgrade to consider from the building stage of your home.  But, the standard countertops are a great place to start, they have lots of great options to select from and look very nice once installed.  And I like to suggest upgrading the hardware on the cabinets, mainly because handles are much easier to use from day to day than just a simple knob.  And once the holes are drilled, you’re committed, filling holes on wood cabinets isn’t something you want to get into doing.

I’m a huge fan of upgrading the lighting in the main areas of your home.  This can create the right mood for your home and set the tone for the other metal finishes, like cabinet hardware for example.  And playing with electricity isn’t something that everyone is comfortable doing, either, so leaving that to the professionals is advisable.

Selecting the right flooring for your family at the building stage is key.  Having a consistent flooring throughout the main area of your home can make it feel larger.  Putting tile or cushion floor at your entry points also makes sense, that’s the hardwearing area that gets the most use, dirt and traffic. But upgrading to a laminate for the main area, halls and bedrooms is a smart choice.  

All the choices are what make your home unique, so be sure to explore your options and make it your own!

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