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Celebrate Valentine's Day at Home

Valentine's Day seems to be a love it, or hate it, holiday. You don't need to go all out and spends tons of money to make it special, from making your own cards to cooking a meal together here's a list of things you can do at home with your significant other, your kids, or your pets to make Valentine's Day enjoyable.

Baking Cookies:

You don't have to be a master chef to bake some Valentine's cookies, even if you get the ones from the store that go straight from the package to the oven. Sugar cookies with some pink and red sprinkles, or shortbreads with a dollop of yummy icing on top! if you don't have a family of bakers then it's easy to find a simple recipe online, like this one:

Make Homemade Cards:

This is something I still do with my mom, she's incredibly talented and creative, and people are always wowed when they see some of the things she has created in the past. Now you don't have to be that intricate with card making (unless you want to be) but some glue, glitter, and a heartfelt message inside can say more than a card from the store ever could sometimes.

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If you're not keen in the kitchen or the craft room like other people, but still want to make Valentine's Day fun, you can always go to your local dollar store and pick up some inexpensive window decals and decorations to put around your home, it's an easy way to make things feel a little more festive, without having to do a lot of work!

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Cook a Meal Together:

If you're looking for something fun for you and your significant other to do on valentines day, but don't want to go out for supper and break the bank, why not stay in and cook at home? Find a meal you both enjoy, and share the responsibility of making it. It gives you two time to bond and maybe learn a few new things about each other.

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Do Nothing at All:

possibly one of the best ideas is no idea at all. Taking time our for some self-care could be the best thing to do this Valentine's Day, whether that means an at-home spa day, where you treat yourself to a mani/pedi or relaxing in front of the TV binge-watching your favorite shows and movies while indulging in your favorite kind of chips, or candy. Doing something for yourself, whatever it may be, might be your perfect idea for this Valentine's Day!

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Whatever you decide to do, make sure it makes you happy and you enjoy your day, Love of any kind should be celebrated every day, but it's nice to do a little something extra on Valentine's Day. Do you have any traditions or plans for this year? Let us know how you plan to spend this Valentine's Day!
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Guest - Karen Lowe on Thursday, 14 February 2019 14:17

I’ll be baking a couple special things for today and making a nice meal. ❤️

I’ll be baking a couple special things for today and making a nice meal. ❤️
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