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Doughnut Disturb: DIY Vacation-Mode Sunhat With Nicole

I am notorious for seeking inspiration on blogs, stores and scrolling through Instagram and deciding that I won’t pay a high price for something that I think I make myself.

Enter: Doughnut Disturb hat.

Doughnut Hat

I saw this cute inspiration online last spring right before I was planning to head to sunny New Orleans and decided that: 1. I needed it ASAP, and 2. that I could make it.

If you’re thinking that you can’t paint, don’t worry – limited painting skills are required for this project. In fact, this is a very beginner-level and kid-friendly project if you’re planning a getaway this winter, or simply yearning for warmer temperatures!

What you need for this project:

·         A rattan sunhat

·         Acrylic paint (colors of your choosing)

·         Fabric medium (Available in the paint section with the paint)

·         Small dishes to mix the paint (yogurt containers work great!)

·         Foam paint brushes

·         Table cloth or protective layer for your work surface

Start by mixing your base color with the fabric medium. The fabric medium helps the paint adhere to the piece that you’re painting. Lay down your table cloth or newspaper, as the paint will likely seep through the hat. You could add some painters tape to the underneath of the hat when you start, but really no one sees it (If they do, time for a conversation about personal space!), and not much seeps through.

Coat a layer of the base color, or essentially your doughnut frosting. While the base color is drying, mix fabric medium with your sprinkles colors (paint should be dry in 5-10 minutes). You can use the end of a foam paint brush to dab on the sprinkle shapes, or sometimes I flip the paintbrush over and use the rounded-end to get the desired shape. Really, you can use your finger too if you don’t mind getting a little messy.

To allow the hat to dry, I recommend replacing the protective later underneath or hanging the hat to dry so that it doesn’t stick to the cloth or paper.

Are you well into your 2019 diet and looking for sugar-free inspiration? You could paint a watermelon slice, rainbow stripes, a blue sky with clouds or even flowers. Feeling confident? You can also draw on words and a letter like ‘Vacation mode: On’, 'Out of Office', ‘Bon Voyage’, or ‘Just Married’ as part of a honeymoon gift.

This project is inexpensive, super fun, and I guarantee you’ll get compliments on your new hat.

Happy painting!

Nicole Leblanc HeadshotAbout Nicole
Hi, I’m Nicole! My partner John and I have owned a Stone’s Prestige Home for over 3 and ½ years, and we love our space! With a passion for DIY, I’ve had so much fun personalizing and really making our space our own. I love to craft and get creative, and like all DIY’ers, I’ve had my fair share of fails. I’m excited to share ideas, inspiration, and projects, and a few tips along the way to help you along your DIY journey!

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