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First Time Homeowner: The Millbrook

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In my role in marketing, I've had the privilege of touring, videoing and photographing so many beautiful Prestige Homes. I get to meet a lot of our new homeowners and I often ask them the same question.

"What advice would you give to a young person or couple who are beginning to look at the real estate market for the first time?"

Though the wording may vary, the response is always the same.

“Contact Stone’s."
“Have the conversation."
“You might be surprised at how affordable (building with Stone’s) really is.”

Nicole & John were no different. After spending some time living with John’s parents and renting an apartment, they decided it was time to start putting their money into their own mortgage. Like so many people, they felt stuck: they weren't finding exactly what they wanted on the market, but were doubtful they could build a home within their budget. That’s when they came to Stone’s.

With their eye on a piece of land and John’s ability to do a lot of the land clean up and excavation himself, Chantal was able to create a land-home package that not only came within their budget, but gave them everything they had been dreaming of in their first home.

“We love our house, love our was just the total package.” - Nicole

The pride Nicole takes in home ownership was evident as I pulled up the driveway and was greeted by the front door.

No, literally.

It said, ‘Hello’.

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The house was a DIYer’s dream. Nicole joked that every time John came home she had another new project on the go. After one look around, I believed it.

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The interior angles created by the cathedral ceilings in the Millbrook plan lended well to the modern decor.

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From the bold paint colours, to cheeky pillows and framed quotes, to the pineapple shaped wall appliqués - every inch of the home had personality. I couldn’t help but leave with a smile as the back door said ‘Goodbye’.

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If you've built a home with Stone's Prestige Homes and would like to be featured on our blog, please email me at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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September 28, 2022