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Spring Cleaning and Declutter

springDespite the weather and temperature, it seems that Spring is here, and though you may not feel like it, spring-cleaning time is here as well! As a new homeowner, my partner and I are no strangers to top-bottom cleaning and painting, so I know how much work it entails. But I also know how worthwhile it is to stand back and look at an old room become like new again!

It's never anyone's favourite task but at least with some white stuff still on the ground and temperatures hovering in the single digits, it's easier to convince ourselves to stay inside and clean.  We've put together a helpful list of tasks you might not think to do this Spring as we ready our homes for all that extra sunshine. 

Scrub walls, baseboards and outlets

Removing your outlet covers allows you to give them a deep clean in the sink, and gives you a chance to scrub the walls and baseboards with a mild detergent.


Clean faucets and showerheads

You can use a mixture of water and vinegar to soak the faucets and then rinse clean. Faucets don't unscrew? Fill a plastic bag with half water, half vinegar and submerge the faucet head.


Clean exterior windows

Cleaning the inside of your windows usually happens quite a bit more often than the outside, but if the outside isn't clean, it won't matter how clean the inside is! Use a squeegee and window cleaning solution (water and vinegar works too), wetting the squeegee first and cleaning from the top down. Wipe the squeegee after every stroke to get that crystal-clear look.



What's better than dusting? 

Just about anything, but particularly - getting rid of unnecessary items that collect dust. 
We talked to organization expert Heather DeVouge from Whole Home Organizing about the many other negatives of clutter. Here's what she had to say: 

"Depending on the extent of clutter or disorganization in your home, you may be paying a very high price. Leaving things as they are is most likely costing you one or more of the following:

  • Space that could be put to better use and enjoyed more.
  • Time and energy lost in looking for misplaced things and trying to clean around things.
  • Your health - clutter causes stress and anxiety, and could even strain relationships.

And then there are the financial costs:

  • How many times have you bought something, only to realize later that you already had it?
  • How often have you ended up paying a bill late because you misplaced the bill?
  • How much credit card debt are you carrying on items purchased but no longer loved or used?
  • How many times have you purchased an item on sale (or on a whim) that ended up collecting dust?
  • Have you ever discovered that something you loved was ruined because it wasn’t stored properly?
  • Are you paying for a storage unit? For how long now? And for how much longer?

Decluttering involves making decisions about your belongings. If it seems overwhelming, start out small. A junk drawer, or a single cupboard is a great place to begin. Take everything out. Sort the ‘like’ items. What you love or need stays. The rest goes." - Heather DeVouge, Whole Home Organizing 

Photo courtesy of Whole Home Organizing

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Test all smoke detectors

This is also a great time of year to ensure your smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors are working and change the batteries if necessary.

Get your patio summer ready

Now for the fun - get out your patio furniture, wipe it clean and set it up! Bring out your patio cushions from storage and wipe the dust and dirt off your BBQ grill.

This is probably not everything on your Spring cleaning list, but hopefully it's made you think of a few things you might not have otherwise!

Happy cleaning!

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