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Tips To Spruce Up Your Yard For Spring

Tips To Spruce Up Your Yard For Spring
Now that winter is finally done, it’s time to get back outside and enjoy the warmer temperatures and the sound of the chirping birds. But first, you need to clean up the mess left behind from all the harsh conditions that come with winter. Not only will it improve the curb appeal of your home, it can give you and your family something to do together and can also be a form of exercise. It also can increase the value of your property and the number of potential buyers. The main goal though is to get your yard looking nice and fresh by the time summer comes so that you and your family can enjoy it. 

So, get your gloves on, put your earbuds in, and get to work! To make it a little easier for you we’ve come up with some tips to help you get started:

1. Clean it up
You know how you do a “Spring cleaning” inside your home? Well, it’s just as important to do it outside as well. Weeding out your gardens will not only help your plants grow better but it will also make your home stand-out. Rake up any dead leaves and twigs and cut down any branches that may have broken off to prevent them from falling and possibly causing damage. Prune bushes and shrubs to make them more shapely and to encourage new growth. Use your hose and spray down your patio furniture, decking, walkways, and siding to really make your home shine.

Check out these tips on pruning trees and shrubs

Tips To Spruce Up Your Yard For Spring Re-Seed Bare Patches

2. Re-seed bare patches
Give your lawn a new life by re-seeding any bare or dead patches that didn’t make it through the winter months. Start off by loosening the ground with a rake to remove any debris, this will help the new seed to penetrate properly. Then spread a mixture of seed and compost or fertilizer to give it a boost and be sure to keep it watered as needed. This will help bring your lawn back up to par and lusciously green. 

3. Fix fences
Do a walk-about along your property and check to make sure your fences and/or any other structures you might own haven’t been damaged. Fix or replace any broken materials and give it a fresh coat of paint or stain to give it a newer look. Same goes for your decking. Staining it won’t only improve its appearance, it can also improve the longevity of your deck by protecting the wood. 

Tips To Spruce Up Your Yard For Spring Re-Mulch Your Gardens

4. Re-mulch your gardens
A quick and easy way to spruce up your landscape and your gardens is to add a fresh layer of mulch. It will help make your yard pop and helps your flowerbeds fight off pesky weeds. Apply a 2 – to – 3-inch layer around the base of plants, shrubs, and trees to give your yard a fresh new look. You can also add a bit of fertilizer in the mixture to help increase the growth of your plants.

5. Get planting
Shrubs and trees aren’t the only way you can add life to your landscape. Add some color by planting flowers such as geraniums, petunias, and pansies, which are all very easy to maintain. Plant them in pots and scatter them around your decks or plant a few in your flower beds. Try to pick colors that enhance your home's features and style. This will help make your house POP from the street and stand out from others in your neighborhood. 

Tips To Spruce Up Your Yard For Spring Add Furniture

6. Add furniture
Adding some patio furniture can help make your home look more inviting and can create cozy little nooks for you and your family to enjoy. A pair of chairs to share your morning coffee, a table and chairs to host your guests on a summers evening, or lanterns strewn around your property will visually impact the look of your property and make your guest feel more welcoming. Also, potential buyers will better be able to picture themselves relaxing on the deck if it’s nicely furnished and has a welcoming impression.

7. Lighting
By adding lighting to your landscape you can set moods, add drama and enhance your home’s architectural features. Pot lights around the perimeter of your roof, stake lighting along pathways, spotlights shining on certain features are easy ways you can bring your landscaping to life and you can enjoy the space longer without being in the dark.

Tips To Spruce Up Your Yard For Spring Freshen Up The Driveway

8. Freshen up the driveway
Don’t forget to give your driveway some love! If your driveway is paved use a push broom to clear off rocks, dirt, and debris left behind from your vehicle’s tires and give it a good wash using a garden hose or a pressure washer if you have one. Consider re-sealing the driveway to really make it look fresh and new.

Check out this “how to” for tips on re-sealing your driveway

9. Clean your windows
Dirty windows not only affect the view from inside out but also can make a difference in how the home looks from the street. Also, cleaning around all of the trim and sills where dirt and debris can gather can help with the longevity and operation of the windows. 

Now that we’ve given you some ideas we hope it inspires you and your family to get started on the perfect oasis to hang out in during the summer months (or to help you get your home sold faster and for more money). And don’t stop there! These are just a few ideas, but the possibilities are endless, and it doesn’t have to be a lot of work… some say gardening can even be relaxing. So, get outside and get moving because the sooner you get it done the longer you can enjoy it.

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