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Tis' The Season For Yard Sales

Spring cleaning usually leads to something glorious: Yard Sales!
IMG 7408 Yard Sales can be one of the best places in town for good deals. From new, like-new, items with potential or even vintage treasures, the thrill of the hunt and a good deal can make finding that find extra special.

I love a good deal, and I love scouring sales for that next DIY project, or even that decor piece that's ready as-is. Another favorite item for me is books: they're usually going at a fantastic rate, and a great thing to grab for rainy summer days, or a good beach read.

Hitting yard sales doesn't need to be complicated but a few simple tips can make sure you get the most bang for your buck and the best use of your time. Here are a few tips as you head out on the weekends in search of those deals:

- Make a plan of where to go: It's easy to follow the signs posted around, or where you see cars, but doing a little research beforehand can help ensure you're not missing any and making the best use of your time and routes.
- Plan when you go: The best selection is, of course, first thing in the morning, however, if you're really looking for those low-cost deals, head out later in the morning or over the lunch hour, when there are fewer people, and sellers will be very eager to sell-off what's left, or even sometimes leaving items for free at the end of the driveway.

- Make a list of what you need: Finding surprises are always nice, but if you're on the hunt for something specific, or know that you need to replace something soon, a list can be helpful in finding those deals, and helping to make decisions on what to buy. TIP: If you're on the hunt for furniture, make sure to measure your space to ensure it's worth the effort of transporting the item home.

- Set a budget: It's helpful when you're on the fence about what you want or need. Set a budget by bringing along the cash you're comfortable spending.

- Don't be afraid to bargain: If you've ever held a yard sale, your items you have out on your lawn or driveway are there for a reason: You don't want them back in your house, and you're ready to part ways with them. Keep that in mind when you spy something that might be out of your price range. It also helps to do your research on going-rates for items to ensure that you're getting a great deal (ie golf clubs, antiques) 

- Get smaller bills: Having change on hand might help in your bargaining - instead of 20's, grab some smaller bills and change to help out with your negotiating, and offer that when discussing prices.

- Involve the kids: Toys, books, sporting items, instruments, you name it, there will be something for kids at the sales. Give them a budget, and issue a challenge to see who can find the best deal or the neatest item. School might be the last thing on their minds, but explore if there are things they might need or could use for back-to-school, as that shopping will be just around the corner. TIP: Negotiating comes in handy here too, where you can swap items.  Ask the kids to collect some of their toys they no longer use and donate them, to make room for their yard sale finds.

My best yard sale find? I collect vintage suitcases, and one sunny Saturday late in the day I found a beautiful blue suitcase on the side of the road for free. It now sits stacked with others I've collected, as a cute little nightstand in one of the guest rooms.

Happy hunting, and hoping you find lots of treasures!

Nicole Leblanc HeadshotAbout Nicole
Hi, I’m Nicole! My partner John and I have owned a Stone’s Prestige Home for over 3 and ½ years, and we love our space! With a passion for DIY, I’ve had so much fun personalizing and really making our space our own. I love to craft and get creative, and like all DIY’ers, I’ve had my fair share of fails. I’m excited to share ideas, inspiration, and projects, and a few tips along the way to help you along your DIY journey!

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