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What Makes For A Comfy Bed?

Our bedrooms need to be comfortable and relaxing.  Do you know why? Because we spend a third of our life in bed.  So, let me ask you – do you want to spend that time in a place that you dislike and that doesn’t draw you in or do you want to spend that time in a place that is inviting and helps you shed the worries of the day to day life?

So, if we look at the ways to create that relaxing space we need to look at, first and foremost, your bed.  You need to be sure that your bed has lots of room for you and your bunk mate – whether that’s your spouse, your children or your pet.  And as nice as a king sized bed might be, if you can’t get around it, it might not be the best choice for you!


Sleeping on natural fiber sheets is recommended to help keep your temperature regulated.  It also helps if you have a few layers that allow you to find the right coverings for the temperature.  And having the bare minimum of pillows saves you for wrestling with them during the night. The designer in me wants you to have some pretty pillows on there, but just take them off at night so you can sleep easily.  And who doesn’t love crawling into a bed with sheets that just came off the line?

When it comes to decorating the walls of your bedroom, keep them fairly calm, without too much on them.  A few well-selected prints and art will do the trick without feeling overwhelming.  And keep the paint colour subtle and relaxing.  Nothing too jarring or loud.


Having the ability to control the light in your bedroom also will help with creating an oasis.  Window coverings that block the light will help with getting settled regardless of the time of the sunrise or sunset or the light of traffic or street lights.  Now, you also want to be able to have different levels of artificial light in the room, too, so a good, bright overhead light plus either the ability to dim it or some lamps for softer, more relaxing lighting.  And you want to be able to turn lights on and off from your cozy bed, so a bedside lamp, whether it is a wall sconce or on a night stand, is the ideal.  

Your bedroom shouldn’t be a place of chaos, so put clothes and shoes away neatly in a closet.  If you need to have storage space in your bedroom, opt for closed storage.  Close the closet doors after you’ve put everything away, too, just to keep it looking neater.  And if at all possible, keep electronics out of your bedroom, too.


Of course, making your bed every day is highly recommended and giving the space a weekly dust and vacuum will keep it feeling fresh.  Bring in some house plants and some fresh flowers will give it a homey feel, too.

And last but not least – don’t go to bed angry! 

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September 28, 2022