Stones Superior Homes - Process

The Prestige approach

The buying process for a Prestige home involves 5 easy phases:

Where to start?

Browse through our floor plans and bring your ideas or sketches into our retail location. From start to finish, we’ll help you choose what’s right for you, ensuring the process is stress-free and stays on budget.
Once you've selected the design you want, your initial deposit is due, and the fun begins!

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Approved site

Whether you have your own land, or your need our help to find a lot, we’ll visit your proposed site and ensure all is approved for your selected design.
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Floor Plan

Next, we’ll finalize your floor plan together based on your wish list.
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Colours & Finishes

Then we’ll help you choose flooring, cabinetry, countertops, fixtures, shingles, paint colours, etc… Your construction package is taking shape!
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Financing & Agreement

And once your financing is approved and your down payment is paid, your purchase agreement will be ready for your signature, and remember, no hidden costs!
From factory... to highway... to foundation! Your home has arrived!
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Once your home is placed on its foundation, electrical & plumbing connections are made. Then flooring, siding, and drywall are finished where the modules meet, followed by touch-ups and painting.
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Once all the on-site construction is complete, it is finally time for you to walk-thru together to show you all the operational features of your new home.
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Closing Day

Any outstanding items are now completed and your final payment is received. The moment has arrived to hand you over your keys and watch you do a happy dance in your new home.
* This is the typical timeline for this phase.
It may take more or less time depending on the build.

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