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A-door-able DIY Christmas Tree

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Knock knock? Who's there? Oh, just this adorable tree made from an old door!

This project has been on my list for awhile, and to say I love how this turned out is an understatement, and in just a few easy steps, you can have one too!
The first step is to call my dad and get him to help you (Just kidding Dad!). 

In all seriousness, one important thing when attempting certain craft projects is to know your limits - and cutting and measuring wood is mine, so I enlisted the services of my dad, who is very handy has a great eye to help bring projects like this to life. 

Some people might laugh when I say it's a great way to re purpose an old door you have laying around, but others will totally get that and think about the door they've been saving for the right project.

This door actually came from my parents first home in Bridgewater, back in the early 80s, so when I say having an old door lying around, I really mean it. If you don't have one lying around, start asking around as I'm sure someone would be glad to make some space in their garage or barn and let you make this beautiful project, or you can find one on a buy and sell site for a reasonable price (or even free!).
To make this creation, Dad measured and cut from the centre of the top of the door to the outside bottoms, giving the perfect shape for the tree. His tip is to use an old saw blade, as you may be cutting through a few nails on old doors like this. It's also really important to use safety glasses, as many doors, including this one, has old paint that easily chipped, not to mention the sawdust (See my next blog on how to crochet an eye patch! Kidding, again). For the trim, he cut 1x2 wood, nailed it to the door, and then I stained it. My go-to favourite is MinWax in Jacobean - it's between light and dark and a nice rich colour. To stand it upright, we used a traditional tree stand, braced with a 2x4 that was nailed to the back of the door. (A special thanks for my friend Meghan for the tree stand!)

To decorate, I added a nail to hang a wreath on it, though it would certainly look beautiful on it's own, or you could add lights. I especially love that this is a project that Dad and I collaborated on, using a door that actually came from our family, making it a new Christmas treasure that I look forward to using for years to come.

Now, off to bug my dad to help me build a forest of re purposed door trees! 
Happy building!


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September 28, 2022