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Affordable window Christmas decor using fresh pine

Affordable Christmas Decor
I love the smell of fresh pine, and incorporating it into our Christmas decor. This year, I wanted to tackle to space above our kitchen sink - a focal point in our kitchen, and our home.

First, the least fun but necessary step is to give your windows a good clean. One feature I absolutely LOVE about our Stone's Prestige Home is that you can pop the windows inward to make them easy to clean. That really means no excuse for dirty windows!

Now the fun part. For greenery, in our decor I like to mix faux greenery with real clippings, giving a nice full look. However for this space, I knew that a few sprigs of fresh pine would look perfect. For this project,  as I was walking into a local grocery store, they had pre-cut, fresh and beautiful pine branches for just $5.99., though I'm no stranger to bundling up, and heading out to clip my own.

To prepare the space, I used small finishing nails and nailed them on a bit of an angle into the top of the window frame. It leaves a very small hole, can easily be removed, helps keep the display intact, and the nails stay hidden. If you're not comfortable putting holes in your trim, you can use command hooks as well, which are perfect for temporary displays, especially during the holidays. 

I cut the smaller branches from the base of each branch, to be used later for filler, and layered larger branches in both directions, tucking each branch behind the nails to build a strong base. Then, using the smaller sprigs, I simply filled in the gaps with the fresh greenery. For this particular one, I added a pom pom garland, which I had from Valentine's Day, that perfectly worked for this spot. For lights, you I recommend placing some battery-powered lights with a timer to save the efforts of climbing up and down, and having to hide power cords.

One warning about fresh cut pine and greenery is that it is living, and without water they will dry out. So if you put them out too earlier, you may notice some of the needles falling. For me, I know that this is in an undisturbed space, so the likelihood of it being bumped and knocking needles off is small. 

As mentioned, I love mixing faux and real greenery, and especially love this look for the exterior of our home where I wrap faux greenery along our covered porch rails, and then use fresh cuts for filler. For this where it's windy and they're exposed to the elements, I use floral wire to ensure they stay secure. I often take the extra clippings and place them into the vases I have around the house for a nice fresh decor option. 

How do you incorporate faux and real greenery into your holiday decor? 

Happy clipping!


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September 28, 2022