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DIY For Hosting Your Own Galentine's Day

You're probably wondering if Galentine's Day is something I made up - I wish! And yes, it's a real thing. Well, not officially, but it does exist.

Galentine's Day is a relatively new concept, featured on an episode ofParks and Recreation  in 2010. Galentine's Day takes place on February 13th, the day before Valentine's Day to celebrate in your closest girlfriends (usually females friends, but hey, it's not official so you can do whatever you like!).

The layout in our home has the eating area and the kitchen co-located, so the preparation and cooking happens while socializing and catching up - so I'm halfway there for a fun meal with my gals.

Think you don't have time? Surprise the ladies in your life with an invite to your very own Galentine's event - here's a few tips to simply introduce a fun Galentine's themed event into the next month!
galentines dinner copy

Who doesn't love a good brunch?

This year, February 13th falls on a Thursday, so perhaps a Galentine's Day brunch on Feb 13th isn't the best time, but you could also bump it to Saturday the 15th. For food options you could use a heart shaped cookie cutter to cut out fruit in heart shapes, and then save the scraps for a smoothie. Mix up some heart-shaped pancakes and make them pink or red-coloured using food colouring. (My mom used to make "green milk" for St. Paddy's Day when we were little and  we thought it was just the coolest thing!). Even heart sprinkles with some whipped cream would be divine - waffle bar anyone?

Cheers to good friends!
What's brunch without mimosas? Swap your regular champagne for pink champagne, or your OJ for a nice red or pink fruit juice. Even a classic Caesar (which was invented in Canada, by the way!), can be the perfect offering for a brunch cocktail. Caesars also make a nice non-alcoholic option, and for the mimosa, simply swap for sparkling water. Another good pair with champagne or with sparkling water is sorbet topped with a sprig of mint - your gal pals will be wondering when your you jumped out of a magazine and into your kitchen.

Get fancy with a nice dinner
Create a loving atmosphere with candles, and keep the menu simple with some appetizers, a nice main and cap it off with a little dessert or a nice cinnamon heart latte (simply add them to your latte, top with whipped cream and sprinkle a few on top). To keep it even easier, ask your gal pals to do potluck style, assigning apps, dessert, sides or drinks to each and kick back and focus on decor, or the little touches to make the evening special. A fun idea for dessert to keep planning simple, grab some small cakes or macaroons for dessert and display them on a two-tier rack.

Get creative with decor
The best part about Galentine's Day decor? You can use Valentine's decor! Cut out paper hearts to line the table, pre-cut banners, or incorporate x's and o's into the decor. Add Hershey kisses or conversation hearts on your place settings, or other candies in baggies as a take away - easy and inexpensive, and something kids can help with (and provide quality control with some taste testing). Extra candies can be used in jars, cups, vases and more for a cute display, or for a candy bar for people to make their own bags. 
If you have some plain pillar candles, cutout some felts hearts and pin them into the side of the candle, or take this opportunity to tackle a balloon arch (they look easier than they are to do, but they're not out of the question!). Most of the Valentine's decor is already on sale and not picked over, so you can grab some decor to throw together, and also there are tons of free printables online for decor or even to give each of your lady friends a good ol' fashion Valentine.

Get crafty!
Some times with busy lives it's hard to assemble your crew, so since you have everyone together, add in a simple DIY project where you purchase and provide the materials and tools needed. Something as simple as heart-shaped string art can be easy to prep for, and a quick craft with your gal pals. 

I hope you have a happy Galentine's Day!

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