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DIY Iron-on patches: The easiest craft you'll ever do!


Iron on patchesWhen I say iron-on patches, your mind might time travel to a few decades ago where embroidered patches on jeans or jean jackets were all the rage. Guess what? Patches are back (or maybe never left!).

I've seen a trend recently where elbow patches, which often are rounded leather or suede patches on elbows, are actually in the shape of hearts using different colours. A very cute and subtle addition to any shirt or sweater.
Clicking on the ads, I saw the price, and then thought, I can do that myself, which is honestly how most of my DIY projects start.
I wanted a plain red heart on each elbow for a sweater I already had, however when I went searching, I stumbled upon some really cute black and white gingham and had the perfect project for it. I decided to take the iron-on fabric, which is backed, ready to be ironed onto your item, and cut it into a heart and place it onto a pillow I had out on our porch. It was really that easy: cut and iron. The time to get the iron out and warm it up is longer than the total crafting time. The little hint of gingham matched perfectly with an existing pillow, and added to the welcoming fall porch look I was going on. Also, if I need a new look, I can easily just flip the pillow over.

Now, finding a patterned iron-on fabric isn't always an option, but there are some other sew-free options out there as well. There are a variety of fusible products out there that allow you to use any fabric for your project. You just simply pick your fabric and shape, and add the backing (simply follow the instructions on the package) and then you have a cool, custom look for your item, without learning to sew or dragging out the sewing machine. Another option which you may have seen but never thought about is fabric patches, typically intended for patching clothes, but can actually be used for a cute designs. For my second project, I grabbed plain red fabric, cut out hearts, and made my own custom elbow matches, like I saw online. A little tip that I would share is I would recommend printing and cutting out a template, even if it's as simple an oval or a heart to make sure that you're getting the perfect shape you want. I thought I could free-hand it and at first wasn't happy with the shape and had to go back to the drawing board. Simple fix!  If you're going to do this, I always recommend tracing the design on the backside of the iron-on fabric so that when you cut it out, any outline left on the fabric is on the side you're ironing to the item.

Local craft stores also have already prepared embroidered and printed iron-on transfers - you just get the item you want it on and simply apply with the iron-on. I told you it really is the easiest craft there is! It can be neat to add some custom looks to pillows, blankets, clothes, or even towels, and can elevate some plain items.

So is it time to dust off those old denims with smiley face and rainbow patches? Maybe! Or, find a way to take this trend into the next decade!


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