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The cure for boring doors

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Curb appeal is the housing version of a handshake or a good outfit in many ways, it can tell others a lot about you, your tastes and how tidy or untidy you may be.

Even if you don’t feel like you’ve got it all together there’s no reason you can’t fake it till you make it though! Giving your home some curb appeal can be as easy as a pop of colour on your front door. When it comes to painting your front door or choosing a colour there can be a lot of ways to take it so here are some things to consider.

If the exterior of your home already has a strong colour palette such as white siding and black trim or green siding and brown trim you want to make sure you play within or complementary to your colours. If you are working with black and white your options can be endless essentially as you have two neutral colours. However, if you have other colours on your home it never hurts to check out a colour wheel. When deciding from a colour wheel choosing colours besides your main colour and directly across would be how you find your complementary and contrasting colours. The colour across from your main colour would be the contrasting colour, so if your home is blue, then yellow would give you a pleasing pop of colour.
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If you are feeling more trendy you can always go with the current trend of pastel door colours, such as soft pink or pastel blue to add a bit of colour without stealing the show. Pastel colours are certainly more trendy at the moment but a muted colour palette will not necessarily go out of fashion easily, making it an easy way to transition to something new and exciting.

When considering a door colour, taking a look around the neighbourhood is always a great idea as well. If you are looking to make your home stand out or pop then take a look at homes around yours to see if the colours you are thinking of would fit the style of the neighbourhood and if they are similar or much different from others around it.

Whether the door colour alone is not enough or you want a bigger change, also consider the door frame and how that will match the new colour and the rest of the home exterior. As long as it fits the colour palette the door frame could be the same colour as the door or contrasting or complementary colour. A big thing to consider would be the trim of the windows and any other doors though. For a cohesive look door and window frames are generally the same colour on a home.

If you are looking to get very creative consider colour blocking your door, whether a dipped effect with just one portion of the door painted and the rest left another colour or painting the indented panels' different colours. Colour blocking your door could also just mean painting your door, inner and outer trim different colours or in a colour block pattern.

With so many options and a whole rainbow of colours and a world of inspiration, painting your door can be more of an adventure of a home refresher than you may think and a relatively easier way to add something new than redoing siding or roofing. So get out the paint swatches and see what works for you, either way, door colour is a great way to create curb appeal.
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September 28, 2022