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To Paint Or Not To Paint

To paint or not to paintSometimes we’re fortunate to find a great piece of furniture or even inherit a special piece, and if we’re lucky, we love it as is. Other times, the piece may need some work, or may not fit the design of your space.

For us, we love the modern aesthetic of our home, and I work hard to ensure that the pieces we bring in complements our modern layout and elements.

When they say they don’t make furniture like they used to, they’re not kidding.  Sometimes finding solid wood or original pieces can be challenging, but rewarding when it happens. Don’t get me wrong, I love places like IKEA for their aesthetic, cost and design, but there’s something about vintage or older pieces that are a welcome addition to any space. TIP: If you have an old dresser and the drawers are sticking, you can run a bar of soap along the bottom interior of the drawers to help keep things moving.

Pictured here is a dresser that my parents had in our home growing up. When they gave the piece to me, they had already made the decision to paint it. I loved the colour and the design they chose, but it wasn’t quite what I was looking for in one of our spare rooms.

Deciding to paint over original wood can be a tough one. If you’re really not sure that you have the guts to do it, I recommend doing some simple changes like swapping out the handles or knobs to update the look and feel (you can always swap back!), or have some fun with the décor you place on top of it. If you’re ready to take the plunge and then regret it, you can always sand it back down, though that can take time and will likely not restore it back fully to its original state.  

For this dresser here, I painstakingly sanded each and every bump, nook and cranny to the original, unfinished wood. After perusing my ‘Dressers’ Pinterest board, I decided to do a little peek of the original wood, but with a fun pattern. I used some MinWax stain that I had, and let that dry completely on one drawer, then using painters tape, I taped off the areas to create the design, and then topped it with a coat of the beautiful mint green colour I chose. I love the little peek of the colour of the dresser from when I was growing up, and I also love the handles and pulls that I remember from when I was little, so I left those intact. You can always inexpensively update the hardware with some paint, or invest a bit and add some new pulls and handles to update your treasure. Even a fresh quote of a metallic is a safe option to update any piece. One trend I’m loving that you may have noticed is the use of leather or pieces of leather as pulls. It adds a masculine and different element to any piece.

Deciding to paint an original wooden piece can again be a bit scary, however the results can be rewarding, especially if you know and hope that someday you’ll hand it off for someone else to enjoy!

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Hi, I’m Nicole! My partner John and I have owned a Stone’s Prestige Home for over 3 and ½ years, and we love our space! With a passion for DIY, I’ve had so much fun personalizing and really making our space our own. I love to craft and get creative, and like all DIY’ers, I’ve had my fair share of fail

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