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Top 10 Thrift Store Items to Snag (Before I Do!)

Screen Shot 2020 03 12 at 4.32.00 PM copyA good thrift store shop is a cure for so many things.

Rainy day? Go thrifting. Need to get some steps in but it's gross outside? Go thrifting. Want to do some decor refresh but don't want to spend too much? Go thrifting. 

What do I look for when I go thrift shopping? I let the store tell me! I love the thrill of a not knowing what's on the shelves, and hunting for items. I do however have key items that I scour the shelves for, and below I share my top 10 items I keep my eyes peeled for when I hit the thrift stores.

1. Linens
- Used linens are nothing to be afraid of - sometimes linens are unused, or if used, you can clean them to be good as new. If you're hosting a dinner, or looking for curtains, this can be a great spot to find the perfect pieces for my theme or colours you need.

2. Photo frames - Don't pay full price for new frames. Often at thrift stores you can find frames in amazing shape. It's especially great if you're making a gallery wall, and want to find some mismatched but complementary styles.

3. Candles sticks and vases - One of my favourite sections - I collect the brass and metal candle stick holders. I love that they have a timeless look to them, and vases are another great way to bring in some colours, or fill that empty space in your home.

4. Books - Especially ones for styling - and you're only paying a couple bucks. It helps if you're looking for a certain colour scheme, and bonus points if it's useful. There are shelves upon shelves of old books in beautiful shape and cookbooks. Even children's books if you're styling a nursery is a neat idea as well.

5. Serving wear - Chip dishes and bowls, serving trays, cooking bowls - you name it! They can serve another purpose (see what I did there?) for decor - freshen up your fruit bowl, or put up some exposed shelves and decorate with your thrifted items. I love keeping the look of our bar cart fresh with vintage bar decor and other items.

6. Cookware - unique cake pans, muffin tins, cookie sheets - you name it. I've also seen cake moulds used as decor in kitchens as well.
7. Board games and puzzles - Looking to style a shelf, prep for rainy days or restock the cottage? Look no further. If you have kids, bring them along to pick out a new to them game, or share one of the classics from your childhood with them.

8. Baskets - It's always nice to have baskets for storage, to help keep you organized, for blankets, a stylish laundry bin or to give someone a gift (DIY gift basket anybody?). Baskets are always in style!

9. Art and mirrors - Sometimes you're lucky enough to come across a framed piece of art, or an ornate framed mirror. Grab it (before I do!)
10. Furniture - If you're lucky, sometimes you'll stumble on a piece of furniture - the key is to check it over and make sure it's in great shape. Things like side tables are always nice to grab, and my dream item is the old-style trunks and suitcases
A tip for the indecisive thrifter? It likely won't be there next time, so grab it while you can! Also keep note of the sales - some places offer seniors discounts, or discounts on particular categories for a day at a time.

Thrifting challenge for you: Grab a friend and set a budget amount, and a project (ie a shelf refresh, or a mini bathroom make over) and head to the thrift store to grab your items (in your budget!)

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