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Top 7 Questions About Modular Homes Answered

Top 7 Questions About Modular Homes Answered
When it comes to modular homes you’re probably picturing your great aunt’s mobile home from the 1970s. Well not anymore! Modular homes have come a long way and more and more homeowners are choosing to build modular as opposed to traditional “site-built” homes. However, there are still a lot of misconceptions when it comes to modular homes. People tend to think they aren’t as nice as site-built homes but in reality, that’s not the case. Additionally, they’re generally more economical, ecologically friendly, and a more responsible way to build. So when you’re considering a new home, it’s important to know all the facts before making a final decision.  

As a modular home builder, we get asked a ton of questions - which is a good thing. The more questions we get asked the more informed people will be. That’s why we thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of the top 7 questions people have when it comes to modular homes.

1. Can I customize it?
That depends. Almost everything about a Prestige modular home is customizable, but not all modular builders are quite as flexible so if you're considering other builders, it's important to ask how much or little you can change (and be sure to ask how much it costs to make changes). With Prestige Homes, there is not customization charges on our designs (except on Q-Value). Our customers can choose from a wide range of current floor plans to change or start from zero and design your own. You get to choose all of the interior finishes, such as flooring, cabinets, countertops, sinks, tubs, faucets, light fixtures, windows, doors, etc., giving it your own personal touch. The exterior is also completely customizable, move windows and doors, change the roof lines, add dormers… the list is endless. Once the project is complete, it will not only reflect your personality and sense of style, it will feel like HOME!

Find out what's included in all our homes at Prestige:

Download specifications for mini homes

Download specifications for modular homes

Top 7 Questions About Modular Homes Answered How Long Does It Take To Build

2. How long does it take to build?
This can vary by manufacturer and time of year. Once it’s on-site there will be some work required to repair drywall, hook up the plumbing and electrical, close in the roof, install siding on the gable ends, finish the basement (if needed), and do some final touch-ups. The timeline depends on the size of the project and the amount of work needed until completely finished and you can move in. The great thing about modular homes is they’re built indoors so everything is protected from the weather and can be built all year-round, without delays. 

3. Can I do some of the work?
Many homeowners want to get their hands dirty during the construction process. One of the biggest benefits of building modular is that your home arrives on site 90% to 95% complete. That does leave some work left for you to do if you choose.  It’s important to discuss your wishes early in the planning process with your sales consultant and project manager and let them know what work you want to do. Of course, any work that you do on your own will be your responsibility should something go wrong in the future. That being said, we absolutely recommend plumbing and electrical connections and any structural components should always be done by qualified professionals. When possible, discuss timelines, access, and outline the factory prep required for the completion of any on-site finishes you want to do yourself. Also, check with your bank to make sure the work you want to do won’t affect your financing/mortgage.

Top 7 Questions About Modular Homes Answered Does It Come With Warranty

4. Does it come with warranty? 
Most modular homes come with a 1-year whole home warranty and in Atlantic Canada most also offer a 7 or 10-year structural warranty through Atlantic New Home Warranty and/or LUX New Home Warranty. However, every company is different and it’s important for you to ask them upfront. Prestige modular homes come with a 7-year new home structural warranty but can be upgraded to 10 years for an additional fee. We also provide a full 1-year warranty for the first year when a new homeowner takes possession, so we can address any and all issues that may arise during that time. Individual product warranties, like siding, fixtures, roofing, etc., will be transferred to the homeowner and some products come with 10, 15, 25-year, or lifetime warranties. Prestige Homes provides each homeowner with a binder that has all the products that were used in the finishing of the home with each manufacture’s contact number should there be any issues down the road. 

5. What are the insulation R-Values? 
Prestige modular homes come with R52 blown in insulation in the attic, and the walls have R20 batt insulation plus R5 rigid foam around the entire perimeter, creating a total of R25 on all walls as well as an important thermal break that batt insulation alone can't provide. Prestige mini homes have an R50 blown in insulation in the attic, R31 batt insulation in the floor, and the walls have the same R20 batt insulation with R5 rigid around the entire perimeter, again creating a thermal break. It’s always a good idea to check with your home builder to see what they use for insulation as it could be different. 

Top 7 Questions About Modular Homes Answered How Are Pests Kept From Getting Underneath Mini Homes

6. How are pests kept from getting underneath mini homes?
Mini homes are typically fully insulated in the floor and have a heavy, tear-resistant material applied underneath. Additionally, all openings are spray foam sealed to prevent heat loss and critters from getting in. 

7. Can I put it on a slab? 
Not directly. Since modular homes are built in a controlled environment inside a factory, a flooring structure is required for transporting each module. Since plumbing has to be hooked up once the home is on site, there needs to be enough space for tradesmen to access. This is why it can’t sit directly on a slab. If you don’t want a full basement you can choose to go with a frost wall, or piers and blocking for mini homes. Keep in mind though that the price difference between a full basement and frost wall won’t be much, and resale value/ease of selling is increased with a full basement. 

Hopefully, this gives you a bit more insight on what modular homes are and whether or not one would be right for you. Just be sure to do your research and find the right builder to suit your needs. Every modular builder is different so make sure you are getting what you expect. Ask lots of questions and when you're comparing your options, consider everything you're getting - not just the bottom line.

Are there any other questions you have about modular or mini homes?

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